Magnificent Chaves Takes Stage 6

La Vuelta 2015

With an outstanding finish, Chaves took back the Red Jersey! Have a look back at this incredible stage.

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New 2016 Mountain Collection


The greatest achievements aren`t accidents; they are hard-earned and well deserved.

Building on our expertise within road biking, trail running and skiing, our mountain line exists to provide you with innovative gear, to inspire you to push yourself beyond your limits in the high alpine.



Time to get Rad

We were recently in Massa Vecchia with the likes of Brendan Fairclough, Rémy absalon, Rudi Biedermann and the rest of the SCOTT Crew to launch our brand new 2016 Plus bikes.

With varied conditions, this launch turned into one hell of a shred-fest! 

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Mike Horn a dit un jour : « L'impossible n'existe que jusqu'à ce que l'on trouve un moyen de le rendre possible », et personne n'est mieux placé que lui pour saisir la véritable portée de cette phrase.

En deux décennies, il a traversé plus d'endroits sur terre que n'importe quel être humain. 

Essayons d’en apprendre un peu plus sur cet homme qui incarne au quotidien l'esprit #NoShortcuts mieux que quiconque.

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