SCOTT Softcon Back Protector

Back Protector Scott Softcon Back Protector Scott Softcon
The SCOTT Softcon Back Protector is for those who are seeking the ultimate in back protection. It features adjustable shoulder and chest straps as well as an adjustable velcro belt to ensure a perfect fit. The back plate is fitted with SAS TEC™ material and features a layer of memory foam for the ultimate in comfort.
Model : 232323
Selected Color : black
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Softcon Protective System

The revolutionary Softcon jacket is the most flexible and comfortable solution to be protected without compromising protection. Combining innovative materials –SAS TEC ™- and a unique design the new Softcon delivers unparalleled freedom of movement while remaining protective by passing tree standards. Its back and front are low profiled and have special recess to incorporate and fit with neck braces. 
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SAS-TEC experts have years of experience with shock absorbing systems. The systems have passed all of SCOTT’s requirements and have significantly outperformed the benchmark for all joint and back protectors in the European Market, known as the CE Standards. 3D-Protector from visco elastic soft foam with outstanding shock absorption values: Residual force according to EN 1621-2 under 9KN (limit Level 2: 9KN). Brilliantly anatomically adapted and barely noticeable. High-end engineering for greater performance.
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One-piece plate in SaS TEC™
Additional highly absorbing foam layer
3D mesh fabric


Anti-moisture liner in 3D mesh
Adjustable shoulder and chest straps
Adjustable velcro belt

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