The New Spark

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The New Scale

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One season's end. Another's beginning.

As winter comes to a close in the northern hemisphere, it is time to slowly start putting the skis away and to bring out our two-wheeled brethren to start exploring the mountains under the spring and summer sun. Folks, it’s time to ride.
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Canada's Finest Loam

Chasing Trail Ep.3 - Vedder Mountain
Sometimes when everyone looks west, you should look east. Kevin Landry and Dustin Adams head to Vedder Mountain in search of loam, and loam is what they find.
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What We Do For Speed

Caleb Ewan
Caleb Ewan is only 21 years of age but has already made a name for himself as one of the biggest talents among the youngest generation of sprinters. Apart from his stage wins on the WorldTour, the Australian receives a lot of attention due to his unique sprinting position.
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How to choose the right bike

Conquer the trail

Not sure what bike to get? Karen Eller tells us which bikes are best suited for women across the different disciplines. 

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