On the mountain, we don’t take shortcuts and our athletes don’t take them when scaling to the summit and conquering the descents. 


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There is no doubt that vision is paramount to performance, that's why for over 45 years, we have continued to drive our goggles category forward. Discover how they are made in our factories in the USA and Austria.

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Snowmobile Gear
Chase the horizon with our rider-inspired snowmobile gear. Allow yourself to be swept up in the moment knowing you won’t be distracted by underperforming products. We want you to push your limits and ride better than you ever have before.

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It all started in Sun Valley’s famed terrain and ski-focused community, and for over a decade now, SCOTT has been at the forefront of ski development and innovation.
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Wir machen keine Abstriche an unseren Produkten, und unsere Athleten machen keine Abstriche, wenn sie die Welt erobern.

Sei es auf Schnee, Road, Dirt oder Trail – sieh selbst, warum es bei ihnen immer um's Ganze geht. #NOSHORTCUTS

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