Kyle Peters

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Kyle Peters

Kyle Peters, an eighteen year old prodigy, resides in Greensboro, NC. Kyle was one of the most highly touted amateurs from 2011. With several top overall finishes in the 2011 Amateur MX Championships throughout the country, including winning the prestigious Loretta Lynn 250 A title against contenders Justin Bogle and Jessye Nelson. Kyle’s true potential will shine indoors as well because of the countless hours he’s already put in at the MTF Supercross track.

At 18 years of age, Kyle is diving into testing here in California and it looks as if he will be vying for great finishes. Kyle has the base of a contender and has his work ethic helping him out. The excitement of riding a familiar brand of motorcycle has him amped up to achieve his dreams. He is set to tackle the premier series in the world.

Kyle joined Star Valli Yamaha for his pro debut in 2011 contesting in the final two rounds of the AMA National MX series, scoring points and earning a top 100 national number.


Current residence: Greensboro, NC

Date of Birth: 4/18/1993

Height / Weight: 5’8” / 145 lbs

Year Turned Pro: 2011

Goals: Top 10 places

Bike: YZ 250F

Mechanic: David Walls

Class: Supercross 250F # 96

Favorite Track: Mill Creek

Favorite Obstacle: Triple Jump

Training: Gym/Cardio

Favorite Music: Rap/Top 20 Hits

Racing Accomplishments:

2010 – Several Amateur MX Championships

2009 – 2nd Two-Stroke Schoolboy Loretta Lynn’s