Jaclyn Paaso

Scott Athlete

Jaclyn Paaso
Team: Freeride
Homepage : www.jackiepaaso.com
Twitter-Link : jackiepaaso
Boston, MA, USA
Home Mountain
Squaw Valley, USA
Living in North Lake Tahoe, CA
Genre of skiing
How and when did you start skiing, how has it evolved ever since and what got you into freeskiing?
I grew up skiing back in Maine at Sunday River where I was a member of the freestyle team there for about 13 years. Back then I was a competitive mogul skier. A few years after I stopped competing in moguls I entered a Freeskiing World Tour event at the suggestion of some of my friends. After my first season I had a victory under my belt, I was also the first woman to win the Sickbird award in over 11 years. I was hooked and decided to put all of my focus into freeriding and have never looked back since.
Who were/are your idols on and off the hill?
When I was young I looked up to a few of the older guys on my freestyle team. I remember being just 10 and wanting so badly to be able to ski with the older guys. I just worked as hard as I could to make that happen and I feel that helped me become the skier I am today. These days my biggest idol off the hill would have to be Sherry McConkey. She's one of the strongest women I know.
What does skiing mean to you personally?
Skiing is just what I do and I love it. Ever since my first time on skis I've been in love with the sport. Some people express themselves through art or music I guess I do so through skiing. Being on my skis in the mountains is where I belong.
What were your 3 biggest accomplishments on hill and why?
 1. Learning how to ski in the first place. I spent many days on the hill learning the fundamentals and without that hard work I wouldn't have accomplished everything I have today. 
 2. Winning the Sickbird award at Snowbird in 2008- it was something that had not happened for women in over 11 years and I think it opened a few women's minds to setting the bar just a little bit higher.
 3. My Tram Face victory at Squaw Valley in 2010- it was one of the first times a women's run was at the top of the leader board for both men and women in Freeriding.
What aspect of skiing thrills you the most? 
Just being outside in the mountains and playing around on my skis!
In what conditions and what terrain do enjoy riding the most? 
A blue bird powder day in the backcountry with friends is what I enjoy the most!
Any activities that aren’t ski related?
When I'm not skiing I'm out mountain biking both DH and XC or out in the backcountry backpacking.
How do you manage to combine family/ friends and job?
It's kind of tough to manage to combine family/ friends and job. My family lives 3,000 miles away on the East Coast, but I try to visit them just before the winter starts and right after. My friends and I are all over the world so it's hard to keep up with them all but I make time because they are all amazing.
Please answer, if possible, with one word only.
Trick/Move: Dropping Cliffs
Movie: Boondock Saints
Book: The Strande
Drink: Whiskey
Food: Sushi
Country: US
Resort: Place to ski Squaw Valley, USA
Car: Subaru
What do you like about SCOTT? 
SCOTT makes great functioning and looking products for wintersports as well as biking and I love that!
What are your favorite SCOTT products? 
My SCOTT Team Issue poles are my favorite and they have been for years!
New for me this season are my SCOTT Octave sunglasses. I have a small face and they fit me perfect. My helmet, the Rove is also the most comfortable helmet I've ever used.
What SCOTT products are you using this year? 
Helmet- The Rove
Goggles- SCOTT Fix
Sunglasses - SCOTT Octave
Poles- SCOTT Team Issue
Body Protection- Scott W'S Back Protector X-Active
Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? 
Still in the mountains, skiing and enjoying every day.
What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT? 
Kaestle, Backcountry.com, Helly Hansen, Dal belo, Squaw Valley, USA
People you feel you need to thank 
My family and friends.
What’s playing on your iPod right now? 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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