Mega Dozer Ski

Ski Scott Mega Dozer Ski Scott Mega Dozer
The best of both worlds; Twin Tip Rocker and 3D side cut allows the Mega Dozer to float though soft snow while maintaining edge control and responsiveness. The progressive 3D side cut coupled with reinforced sandwich sidewalls give the Mega Dozer unrivaled performance on hardpack too.
Model : 219999
Selected Color : A version
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Dual Radius

Dual Radius

Traditional skis have a fixed radius that determines the length of every turn. SCOTT skis combine two radii (dual radius) to create the sidecut or “shape” of the ski. By incorporating the Dual Radius concept, the ski can turn when you want it to turn, resulting in a more versatile ski which is not confined to one type of skiing or terrain.
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Factory Finish

Factory Finish

SCOTT skis come direct from the factory "ready to ski" with SCOTT factory finish. Every factory finished ski leaves the factory with side edges ground at 89° and base edges ground between 0.5° and 0.8° for exceptional performance. The base is finished with a micro structured CNC stone grind so you can mount your skis and hit the hill, no tuning required.
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Freestyle Backcountry
Park 10% / Backcountry 90%

Seek and Doztroy

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Riders looking for a twin tip rocker ski that offers performance in deep snow, crud, and hardpack conditions.