SCOTT Lyric Sunglasses

Sungl Lyric
The SCOTT Lyric sunglasses are an exciting mix of vintage style and modern party time.
Model : 220610
Selected Color : black / grey polarized
  • black / grey polarized
  • blue / blue chrome
  • cyan / red chrome
  • tortoise / brown
  • tortoise / brown polarized
  • black soft touch / grey
  • magenta / red chrome
  • black/orange / red chrome
  • black/green / green chrome
  • white/pink / pink chrome
  • red/blue / grey silver chrome
  • orange/blue / red chrome
  • white soft touch / grey
  • yellow/teal green / grey silver chrome
  • green matt/blue / green chrome
  • orange matt/black / red chrome


Thermal Frame

Thermal Frame

Thermal Frames are specifically engineered to deliver sunglasses with a distinct personality and a unique combination of durability and style. The Thermal Frame construction is used exclusively in SCOTT Lifestyle sunglasses.
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SCOTT Precision Optics

SCOTT Precision Optics

SCOTT Precision Optics is a quality label which stands for premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. This unique combination enables us to offer distortion free, high performance lenses of the best quality available on the market. All SCOTT lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA /UVB rays.
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100% UV Protection

100% UV Protection

All SCOTT lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays.
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Small to medium

SCOTT OptiView lensesĀ 
Base 6 lensesĀ 
SCOTT Thermal Frame

Includes microfiber bag

For small to medium faces

Frame Technologies
SCOTT Thermal Frame

Lens Technologies
SCOTT Precision Optics lens quality
Base 6
100% UV protection

Microfiber bag

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