SCOTT Rascal Ski

Ski Scott Rascal Ski Scott Rascal
Twin Tip performance for the bad seeds, with no compromise. The little ones shouldn’t have to settle for cheap, uncooperative equipment. The Rascal is responsive under proper form but forgiving when mistakes are made, making it a fantastic starting point for young skiers.
Model : 224122
Selected Color : A version
  • A version
Freestyle Finish

Freestyle Finish

SCOTT Freestyle Finish is especially designed for a more playful freestyle ski. The main difference from the factory finish is the bigger base edge angle of 1.6°. This larger angle makes the ski easier to spin and more forgiving on landings and rails.
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Dual Radius

Dual Radius

Traditional skis have a fixed radius that determines the length of every turn. SCOTT skis combine two radii (dual radius) to create the sidecut or “shape” of the ski. By incorporating the Dual Radius concept, the ski can turn when you want it to turn, resulting in a more versatile ski which is not confined to one type of skiing or terrain.
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