SCOTT Contessa Scale 900 RC Bike

Bike Contessa Scale 900 RC Bike Contessa Scale 900 RC
The HMF carbon fiber Contessa Scale RC is a XC race machine. Built with high quality components and women's specific saddle, this is a fully capable racer.

Frame: SCOTT Scale 29 Carbon IMP3 / HMF NET
Fork: FOX 32 Float 29 Factory CTD Air

Group set: Shimano XT
Brakes: Shimano XT
Parts: Syncros FL1.5
Wheels: Syncros XR 2.0 29''

Model : 227836
Tapered Headtube

Tapered Headtube

The Scale, Spark, Genius and Genius LT feature a tapered head tube for increased stiffness, safety, confidence, and control...
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29 Wheels

29 Wheels

Improved roll-over is the most noticeable attribute when it comes to 29” wheels. The big wheels are great for rolling over nasty roots and rocky sections, essentially making it easier to ride these conditions. Improved traction is also a key factor with the increased wheel diameter compared to 26” wheels as tire contact to the ground is larger.
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SDS Shock Damping System

SDS Shock Damping System

SDS minimizes high frequency vibration from the road, enabling a damping effect without losing performance. SCOTT has engineered a balance of vertical compliance (a measure of how smoothly a bike rides) and lateral stiffness (associated with responsiveness during sprinting, acceleration, and climbing) in both the rear triangle and the fork. By maximizing vertical compliance, SDS cancels road vibrations, increasing rider confidence, stability and comfort. Found on CR1 and Scale.
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IMP Carbon Mainframe

IMP Carbon Mainframe

Our engineers have developed IMP™, the newest technology applied to carbon production. Our proprietary process allows for lighter construction by removing 11% of the material from the headtube intersection while increasing strength by utilizing high modulus stressed fibers for more precise fiber placement in critical areas. To compliment the IMP™ process, our frames benefit from our Naked External Tubeset™, which eliminates the cosmetic carbon layer to shave precious grams. Both HMX and HMF fibers are used in our carbon frames ensuring the utmost durability, security, and longevity for the frame.
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Scale 29 Contessa Carbon - geometry
geometry: Scale 29 Carbon
A head tube angle 69.5° 69.5° 69.5°
B headtube length 105 mm 4.1 inches 105 mm 4.1 inches 115 mm 4.5 inches
C toptube length horizontal 580 mm 22.8 inches 600 mm 23.6 inches 620 mm 24.4 inches
E seat tube angle 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
F bb center to top of seattube 390 mm 15.4 inches 440 mm 17.3 inches 480 mm 18.9 inches
G bb center to toptube center 329 mm 13.0 inches 375 mm 14.8 inches 415 mm 16.3 inches
H chainstay length 438 mm 17.2 inches 438 mm 17.2 inches 438 mm 17.2 inches
I bb offset -60 mm -2.4 inches -60 mm -2.4 inches -60 mm -2.4 inches
bb height 310 mm 12.2 inches 310 mm 12.2 inches 310 mm 12.2 inches
J standover height 756 mm 29.8 inches 783 mm 30.8 inches 810 mm 31.9 inches
wheelbase 1079 mm 42.5 inches 1096 mm 43.1 inches 1117 mm 44.0 inches
K reach 385 mm 15.2 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 422 mm 16.6 inches
L stack 618 mm 24.3 inches 618 mm 24.3 inches 628 mm 24.7 inches
stem length 70 mm 80 mm 90 mm

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