Thomas Lapeyrie

Year of Birth: April 11th, 1990
Height: 186cm
Weight: 75Kg
Hometown: Draguignan, France
Since I was a kid, I have always been on a bike- be it a balance bike or BMX; that’s why my dad inscribed me to the famous BMX Club of Sainte-Maxime. I became addicted to bike riding. I started racing BMX in 1998 and as soon I grew up I needed to exchange my bike for a bigger one.
I quickly jumped on a MTB and in 2006 after some rigorous training I won the TNJV. After having had a great time riding BMX and after making a big entry into the bike world, I decided to race in 4x, where I won the national title in 2007.
I am always looking for new challenges, so I started racing XC the following season and in 2008 won the National Cup and joined the SCOTT France team. Soon thereafter I took place in my first Enduro race and finished 4th in the French Cup at Font Romeu.
I am now racing in a discipline I really enjoy. I absolutely love finding new tracks and having fun riding DH. Enduro, for me, is an absolutely complete discipline and allows me to not only use my physical skills but also my technical ones while managing to still have a lot of fun.
Riding my bike is my life and I love it !!!

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