Kathrin Schön

Scott Athlete

Kathrin Schön
Team: Contessa



Date of birth : 12th February 1977

Hometown : Lenggries, Germany



Cooking with friends, climbing, sleeping under the open sky


Short biography:

I am 35 years old and I work as an occupational therapist. I was born in Unterfranken but lived a long time in Heidelberg, where I discovered my passion for mountain biking, especially downhill. Later, I moved to Freiburg and then to Munich, but I was always longing for mountains. Now I am back where I belong and I can live my passion every day, on a bike tour or in the bikepark around the corner.

How and when did you start biking?

I started slowly in 2001, at first on a hardtail riding up and down on gravel paths. In 2004, I went to La Palma in order to work there as a bike guide. During my stay there, I really developed my passion for downhill and also had the chance to meet Karen and Holger from “Die Rasenmäher” (Karen Eller, Contessa Teammate). I have been a member of the SCOTT Contessa Team since 2006.

What does biking mean to you personally?

Freedom, enjoying life and having fun.

What aspect of biking thrills you the most?

I love riding downhill on tricky technical sections. You don’t master such trails with speed but with good technical skills, concentration and a good line choice.

Please answer with one word only:
  • Movie : Night on Earth
  • Book : I can’t decide on one…
  • Drink : Tegernsee Hell (beer from Munich)
  • Food : Schnitzel, French fries and salad
  • Country : Norway
  • Trail : The Vulkan Trail on La Palma island
  • Song : First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes


What are your favorite SCOTT products?

My Genius (the perfect bike for riding up- as well as downhill), SCOTT Helium Active Shell jacket and pants, essential for rainy muddy days.

People you feel you need to thank:

I want to thank Chris and Ottes from the bike station in La Palma, because without them, I would still be riding on gravel paths. I also want to thank my teammates from the SCOTT Contessa Team, for all the fun we have had together and the good moments we have shared until now.

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