Théo Galy

Year of birth:1990
Height: 1m74
Weight: 73kg
Hometown: Vieussan
Crazy about bike for a long time, I began competitions rather late, when I was about 12. Then, everything was going very fast : TRJV (very formative), XC, DH and one thing leading to another, I took up enduro. After four seasons of enduro, I am very happy to come into the Scott's enduro team!
What I like in the mountain bike it's the long downward runs where I can make the most of my technical abilities. It is in the very difficult portions that adrenalin shoot up. It is in these moments that I take most pleasure.
Next season should be very interesting. A lot of Top riders announced that they would participate in the Enduro  World Series, for me it's a big challenge ! I am motivated, I have a first-class bike and I intend to give everything to hook up a international podium...