Marino Vanhoenacker

Scott Athlete

Year of birth: 1976
Height: 186cm
Weight: 74kg
Hometown: Jabbeke, Belgium

Marino Vanhoenacker was born in Oostende, Belgium in 1976. He started competing triathlons in 1997 as the same time he did dietician studies. Today he’s still a professional triathlete and works at the same time for the Belgian Army where he has a special athlete’s exemption. 

His first success on the IM-distance dates back to 2001 when Marino came in 5th at the IM Florida. In 2003 the Belgian first stepped on the podium at a IM race in Malaysia. Two years later, in 2005, Marino won his first IM in Florida.
Ever since, Marino is amongst the best long distance triathletes in the world. He holds the current course record at an official IM race (IM Austria, Klagenfurt 2011, 07:45:58).


What is your Triathlon background? When and why did you start?
I started doing Duathlons in 1995 because I wasn’t able to swim fast enough to compete in Triathlons. When I saw TV coverage of the race in Hawaii I wanted to give triathlon a go anyway. The triathletes looked like very complete athletes, I liked that aspect. 

What was your reason for picking Triathlon?
Triathlon seemed to be even tougher than Duathlon so I wanted to take on the challenge.

What’s your favorite part about riding for SCOTT?
I rode on SCOTT for two years in a Belgian team a long time ago and won my first IM on a CR1 limited edition. For the past five years I’ve been riding on SCOTT again and I really like them! They just go well with my build. I always feel comfortable and am able to generate a high power output while still  being positioned very aerodynamically on the bike.

What are your future goals?
In the short term I want to put a decent race together in Hawaii. Longer term I’d like to win some more world class events.

What keeps you going during the off season, if you ever have an off season?
It's pretty simple: if I win the last race of the season I want to stay where I’m at. If I lose, I want to improve.

What are your favorite Triathlons - where are we going to find you training most often?
I very much like IM Austria- that is without question. I discovered IM Canada this year which was also pretty exciting. I love races that are somehow located in a spectacular environment with scenic views. I love to train at home if the conditions are right. If I’m training away from home, I love to mix it up a bit so there is some variation. I also tend to travel to my big races quite far in advance to get a feeling for the peculiarities of the race course.

What inspires you to keep going each season?
I’m still chasing the dream. The journey so far has been much richer than I could ever have expected but on the other hand I'm still not there just yet.

What music do you listen to when training or before a race?
I never listen to music while training. Before races I like music with strong beats and after races more relaxing stuff.

Do you have a favorite pre-race food?
Throughout the year I really eat what I feel like. I try to eat healthy but this also varies a bit.  I train a lot, so I have to eat a lot and focus on quality food. I realize that different climates/countries change my preferences for food. 

Do you have any funny habits that you have to do before you race?
I am not really aware of me having funny habits.

When your season is over what is the food you have to have?
As I mentioned I mix up my food habits all year long so I'm not really holding back on one or the other item I just go to the store or a restaurant after a race and It could go all directions, it's just what comes to mind, I’ll eat. Sometimes after a race, the eyes are bigger than the stomach.


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