Blake Baggett

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Blake Baggett

How and when did you start riding, how has it evolved ever since, and what got you into racing?

I started riding when I was three and a half.  My mom bought me a PW50.  We surprised my dad with the idea of riding and I started racing when I turned four.  Ever since then, I raced Friday nights at Starwest, worked up through the ranks during amateurs, and started racing pro when I was 17.

Was there any particular experience that made you consider pursue racing professionally?

Pursuing a professional career mostly came from winning amateur races and winning titles at Loretta Lynn's.  It was just naturally the next step to take.  I raced a couple outdoors as a privateer and then got picked up by a professional team soon after.

Who were/are your idols on and off the track?

On the track, my idols would be the previous champions like Jeff Ward and Jeremy McGrath.  Off the track, Jenson Button.  He is an F1 driver.

Do you have any specific goals for your racing in your future?

My main goal is to be successful.  I want to put my name in the history books.

In what conditions and what terrain do you most enjoy riding?

I do my best in hot, humid weather.  I like rough and rutted conditions.

Any activities that aren't moto-related?

I like to drive RC cars, fishing, mountain biking and driving my tractor.


Please answer, if possible, with one word only.

Trick/move: wing it

Band: The Band Perry

Movie: Shooter

Drink: NON healthy root beer

Food: Submarina

Country: Holland

Place to ride: Glen Helen

Car: GMC truck


What do you like about SCOTT?

I like the product and how personable they are.  I like that they pay attention to riders' input.

What are your favorite SCOTT products?

Their goggles and clothing

What SCOTT products are you using this year?

Cycle wear, goggles and glasses.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to have more championships with SCOTT products, and hopefully build a lifelong relationship with SCOTT!

What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT?

Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki, Specialized, SRAM and Thor.  I have tons of sponsors!

People you feel you need to thank:

I want to thank my team, my parents, Keleigh, Joe and Nicole, Bayley, my family, everyone out there who has helped me accomplish what I have so far.

What's playing on your iPod right now?

Something country I'm sure!

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