Anaïs Pajot

Date of birth: June 10th, 1991
Height:1 m 65
Weight:60 kg
Hometown: Vauvert, France


Career highlights:

Enduro Series and French Enduro Cup winner in 2012

2 time downhill junior world champion (2008 and 2009)

Downhill junior World Cup overall winner

Downhill junior European champion

Downhill junior French national champion


Apart from mountain biking, I like all action sports like karting and motocross. I also like having good times with my friends.


Short biography:

From a very young age I have been following my father and my brothers tracks, starting competitions at the age of five. Having made my debut in TRJV (young mountain bikers regional trophy), followed by TNJV (young mountain bikers national trophy), and then getting individual honors in the TNJV, I then decided to specialize myself in the downhill segment. At this time, I finished third at the Elite National Champs, but a couple of weeks later I crashed badly while training and had to stay six months in the hospital. It was a really hard time for me but I passed that period and went back seriously to biking. six months after returning to training I won my first World Champs in 2008. This day was an amazing one! And the next year I did it again. I won my second World Title and turned Elite. But this first year was hard for me with an injury I had during the whole season. I took a break to recover and have been back since 2012. I am now racing the Enduro Cups and won the national title.
How and when did you start biking?

My dad and my brother have always ridden bikes and when we (my mum, my little sister and me) went to cheer them on competitions or follow them on a tour, I used to take my own bike too. Soon, I also wanted to race. I started at the age of 5 and I used to win all the time, even against the boys. This was really motivating! Moreover, the meeting point of the local MTB-club was just in front of the house. So every Wednesday, I used to put on my biking gear and meet the guys across the road, hoping they would allow me to come and ride with them. But they kept telling me I was too young. Eventually, my determination paid off and they accepted me for the lesson. I managed to keep up the pace the whole lesson and was not even last!

Who were/are your idols on and off the trails?

Greg Minaar on downhill because I like his riding style and his mentality. He is an open-minded rider who shares his experience with others.

What does biking mean to you personally?

Biking is my passion. I have fun with my friends and at the same time I can discover regions and countries.

What aspect of biking thrills you the most?

I love the friendly spirit in enduro biking: we are all mates during the climbs but competitors when it comes to specials! Otherwise, I love steep and technical trails: I like fine riding.

How do you manage to combine family/friends and job?

It is true that it is sometimes hard to manage everything at the same time but it is actually just a matter of organization! During the week, I train when I have a bit of time and during the weekend I dedicate half a day to training and the rest is for family and friends.

Please answer with one word only:
  • Movie : Taken
  • Book : The Devil wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger
  • Drink : Coca-Cola
  • Food : Raspberry Verrines
  • Country : Canada
  • Trail : Val di Sole, Italy
  • Song : Coldplay


What do you like about SCOTT?

I like the brand’s image and the good-quality products. SCOTT is always at the top of perfection for functionality and aesthetic. They listen to their public to fulfill their requests.

What are your favorite SCOTT products?

I find the SCOTT Scale RC wonderful! Just by looking at it you can tell it is a performing and efficient bike!

What SCOTT products are you using this year?

This year, I am going to ride a SCOTT Genius 700 Contessa, which is actually a 27.5’ bike.

People you feel you need to thank:

Thank you to all the people that have always been there for me in any moment, thanks to my partners for trusting me and to my “fans” too.