Tom Wallisch

Scott Athlete

Team: Freestyle
Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1987
Winter residence: Park City

How and when did you start skiing, how has it evolved ever since and what got you into freeskiing?

I started skiing when I was 3 years old at Wisp Mtn Resort in Deep Creek Maryland. I got into it because it was something fun my parents and I did on the weekends. Eventually I grew tired of the regular runs and racing program and decided to try freeskiing. I loved it and have worked at it ever since. 

Who were/ are your idols on and off the hill?
Off hill I owe everything to my amazing parents, for all the support they've always given me. Without them I would be nowhere.

On hill I always looked up to athletes like Tanner, Pep, Crichton, and Mickael.

What does skiing mean to you personally?
It's a way of life. The one thing that makes me happiest in life. I just love everything about the sport, being out in the mountains, hanging with my friends, and pushing my limits.

What aspect of skiing thrills you the most?
Catching big air in the park with my friends!

In what conditions and what terrain do enjoy riding the most?
I love riding well made freshly groomed terrain parks and fresh powwww!

Any activities that aren’t ski related?
Skateboarding, Mountain biking, Tramp, and Wake boarding

How do you manage to combine family/ friends and job?
Just try to do as much as I can. I ski when I can, but always try to stop and enjoy time off hill with friends and family. Luckily almost all of my friends ski, and my family loves it as well! Haha

Please answer, if possible, with one word only.
Trick/Move: Backflip
Band: Tupac
Movie: Zoolander
Book: Angels/Demons
Drink: Monster
Food: Fried
Resort/Place to ski: Park City, UT
Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee

What do you like about SCOTT?
The products are just great! and I love the people as well

What are your favorite SCOTT products?
Punisher Jib Skis, Tom Wallisch pro model Fix Goggle, and the Team Issue pole!

What SCOTT products are you using this year?
Same as above haha!

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
Still skiing competitively hopefully! And just still having fun out there on the hill everyday of the season. I'd also like to become more involved with the companies I work with in designing products and such.

What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT?
The North Face, Monster, Verizon, Skullcandy, Full Tilt, Jiberish, Go Pro cameras, 4bi9media

People you feel you need to thank
All of my friends and family for supporting me! Of course all of my sponsors! And also all of the kids that enjoy watching what I do. The main reason I love what I do so much is because it gets kids stoked on skiing and hopefully more motivated to ski. The fans are the best part!

What's playing on your iPod right now?
Wiz Khalifa - Black n yellow

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