Felix Berktold

Scott Athlete

Name: Felix Berktold

Birthdate: January 18th 1978

Discipline: Mountaineering, Guiding, Freeriding

How and when did you start skiing, how has it evolved ever since and what got you into freeskiing?

With 3years. skitouring go by, then my skis are always become wider ... :-)

What does skiing mean to you personally?

Nice move, the more beautiful environment. ingenious means of transportation ... :-)

What were your 3 biggest accomplishments on hill and why?

Grönland, ama dablam, val di mello. always healthy back.

What aspect of skiing thrills you the most?

The place where you bert rubs this sport

In what conditions and what terrain do enjoy riding the most?

It's hard, I always finds great

Please answer, if possible, with one word only.

Drink: Bier

Food: Kässpatzen

Country: Everywhere

Resort: Alpen


What do you like about SCOTT? 

Good quality and style

What are your favorite SCOTT products? 

The Decoder Jacket

What SCOTT products are you using this year?






Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Healthy and somewhere on tour

What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT?


People you feel you need to thank

The whole team of SCOTT

What’s playing on your iPod right now?

Buena vista social club

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