TORAY Dermizax®

Superb waterproofness and tough performance that withstands all-round outdoor conditions

Toray® Dermizax® 1

  • Extremely waterproof due to ultrathin nonporous membrane
  • Windproof
  • High moisture permeability with minimal condensation
  • Durable water repellency
  • Soft, smooth and stretchable


  • Waterproofness & Moisture Permeability


  • Ski / Snowboard
  • Outdoor
  • Climbing
  • Golf

Dermizax® waterproof moisture-permeable Mechanism

Toray® Dermizax® 2

Physical Properties

Waterproofness20,000mmH2O or higher
Moisture Permeability10,000g/m2/24 hrs. or higher *1(2-layer)
Water Repellency80 points or higher (after 20 wash cycles)

*1: A-1 upright cup method (JIS L1099 A-1,ISO 2528)


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