1. Miscellaneous
1.1 Warranty

Other Countries: According to the specific legal regulations of your country.




Warranty Information for wintersport, motosports, BIKE (excluding bikes themselves) and RUNNING (ONLY FOR THE USA; FOR OTHER COUNTRIES, SPECIFIC NATIONAL REGULATIONS APPLY) 


What is Covered?  This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your Wintersport, Motosports, Bike (excluding bikes themselves) and/or Running SCOTT branded products sold by SCOTT USA or an authorized SCOTT USA dealer (“Product”).

How Long Does Coverage Last?  This limited warranty lasts for two years from the date of purchase of the Product and is limited to the first purchaser of the Product. Transfer of the Product from the first purchaser to another person terminates this limited warranty. Any warranties implied by law are limited in duration to two years from the date of purchase of the Product and are limited to the first purchaser of the Product. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the foregoing limitation may not apply to you. Repaired or replaced Products are covered for the remainder of the original warranty period and subject to the conditions outlined in the original warranty.

What Will SCOTT USA Do? SCOTT USA will replace or repair any defective Product, or will refund your purchase price (as evidenced by your tendered receipt of purchase of the Product), at SCOTT USA’s option. You must pay charges in connection with replacement of any non-defective parts. In such a case, you will be alerted to the advisability of replacing non-defective parts, so you can pre-authorize the costs.  

What Does this Limited Warranty Not Cover? This limited warranty does not cover products used in rental operations. This limited warranty does not cover any defect caused by “wear and tear”, improper handling, abuse, misuse, an act of God, non-compliance with recommended maintenance and care procedures, improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs performed by someone other than an authorized SCOTT USA dealer, and alteration of the Product. All Products come with a hangtag; please carefully follow the care instructions located there or affixed elsewhere to the Product. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this limited warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. To the extent permitted by law, this limited warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties; any and all other warranty is excluded. 

How Do You Make a Claim Under this Limited Warranty?  To make a claim under this limited warranty, you  must notify SCOTT USA of the claimed defect within the warranty period and timely return the Product to SCOTT USA at your expense for inspection. Please contact your authorized SCOTT USA dealer or call SCOTT USA’s customer service at 1-800-292-5874 during our normal business hours: 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday (MST) to make inquiries about this limited warranty and return procedures, and to obtain a return authorization number, which is required to process a return. All returned Product must be accompanied by proof of purchase (receipt) from an authorized SCOTT USA dealer or this limited warranty will not apply. In case of replacement or refund, returned Product becomes the property of SCOTT USA.  


How Do State Laws Affect Your Rights Under This Limited Warranty?  This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. 

Recommendation for skis

SCOTT USA strongly recommends a yearly maintenance service effected by an authorized SCOTT USA dealer. While necessary maintenance or repairs on your Product can be performed by any company, we recommend that you use only authorized SCOTT USA dealers, as improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs voids the two year limited warranty set forth above. Costs for maintenance service have to be borne by the consumer. The warranty is granted for skis and bindings separately, meaning the assembly is excluded from the two year limited warranty set forth above. SCOTT USA cannot guarantee that every binding fits all skis. Please refer to the user’s manual of the respective binding supplier.


1.2 Warranty
1.3 Sponsoring
All professional sponsorship negotiations are finalized before August 31st. Grassroots sponsorships are offered thru SCOTT authorized dealers only, please inquire with your local SCOTT dealer for more information.Thanks for your interest in Scott Sports, you can apply for Rider Support at: www.scottusa.com/rewards. Click on the Submit Applications Tab. Fill out the APP we'll review and you will receive and email from the online shop 3.5 confirming status. Be sure to check your junk mail for response from 3.5 as they tend to go there. Please Note: we will no longer be accepting mail or emailed resumes. Thanks, Scott-Sports Rider Support Team
1.4 Stickers
To get stickers, send an envelope including a return stamp to your national distributor. Please include a short note, explaining your request.
1.5 Dealer Info
Please send your enquiry to your national distributor and inform you of your requirement.
Please find all of our dealers in each of our 4 sports via our dealer locator.
There are different possibilities to go for a test-ride with a SCOTT bike: Visit one of our test centers near your home: Click on our Dealer Locator and search for “test-center” far on the right side of the page. Several Events are taking place each week in different places all around the world. Please contact your local distributor for further information on test rides and schedules. And of course “BIG Ed ”, our truck, is again visiting different events to share our passion of the sports, whether it’s Biking, Wintersports, Running or Motosports. Find the confirmed dates for “BIG Ed” here.
1.6 Catalogues
Please visit your local dealer or send an envelope with your request to your national distributor in order that a catalogue can be sent to you.
Please find our online catalogs here.
2. Bike
2.1 Warranty
The warranty of frames is 5 year, but shall only be granted in case once a year a maintenance service has been affected according to maintenance requirements as set forth in this manual by an authorized SCOTT dealer. The authorized SCOTT dealer shall confirm the effected annual maintenance service by stamp and signature. In case such an annual maintenance service has not been affected the warranty of 5 years for the frame shall be reduced to 3 years. Costs for maintenance and service have to be borne by the owner of the SCOTT bike. On Gambler, Voltage FR and BMX the warranty period is limited to 2 years.
We cannot offer any warranty for second hand bikes.
Please check on our dealer locator the SCOTT dealer where you claimed the product.
As long as you keep your proof of purchase showing you as the original owner, your bike will qualify for warranty or crash replacement should you ever need it.
There will be soon an online register tool available. In the meantime please keep your sales receipt carefully, as it is always required to be shown when claiming a product.
Yes! We do have many spare parts. Please contact your local SCOTT dealer or the national distributor in case your dealer cannot help.
2.2 Sizing and Weight
Bike sizing is not always simple and can vary due to many variables, flexibility and personal anthropometrics to name a few. The sizing chart found on our site, can help determine a starting point. Once you determine the frame size best for you we suggest having a professional fit you on your new bike. Beside the expertise of an experienced shop staff also a test ride will help to make your choice, not only for the bike model but ev  en more if you are in between 2 sizes. Download the Size Chart here.
Your bike size is imbedded in your serial number if you know what to look for, but the easiest way to determine frame size is by measuring the head tube and comparing it to the geometry chart found on our site.
Please download the Excel spreadsheet for our 2011 bikes.  
In general 110kgs/243lbs are recommended. More details can be found in our general manual. Please note: kids bikes are designed with a combined weight limit of 50kgs/110lbs
2.3 Suspension
All of our Genius LT bikes have 3 travel settings 185mm, 110mm and lockout (all Genius have 150mm, 95mm and lockout). The full carbon Sparks (RC, 10, 20 and 30) all have 3 settings 110mm, 80mm and lockout. The Aluminum Sparks (35 and up) have full travel 110mm and lockout. Freeride and Downhill bikes do offer different travel settings as well however they are not adjustable from the bar on the fly.  Watch the TwinLoc Video for more information.
Traction control is the middle travel setting on the Spark, Genius and Ransom. This shorter travel setting decreases your sag giving you a better head angle for climbing and allows the shock to ramp up faster keeping you on top of the pedals propelling the bike up the trail.
TwinLoc is the bar mounted lever that controls your 3 travel settings as well as your fork lockout so you can keep both hands on the bars at all times. Watch the TwinLoc video for more information.
Please refer to our quick start manual or to our online suspension tool. You will find it here.
2.4 Frame Technology
HMF is a high modules carbon matrix allowing lightweight frame production. HMX (High Modules Extreme) utilizes more high modules fibers allowing us to use even less material than HMF creating an even lighter frame that still maintains the same riding characteristics and strength as the HMF frame.
2.5 Miscellaneous
3 to 4mm distance on each side is really the limit, especially on mountain bikes so that you have enough mud clearance. Please kindly check the real width. Measures and indication of the tire may not be the same within all brands.
Please make sure to use the original clamping and mounting devices delivered with the trainer. In case of doubt please contact your authorized Scott Dealer and take his advices seriously.
Yes you can, but only if you make sure not to clamp or squeeze the frame tubing.
The CR1 offers a smooth ride and geometry suited for any enthusiast. The stays and fork feature our Shock Damping System (SDS) for comfort and vertical compliance while the rest of the frame remains laterally stiff for unparalleled power transfer and handling. The Addict is the envy of the pro peloton and HTC-Columbia’s team bike. The IMP construction paired with race inspired geometry results in an amazingly light (790g) frame that is laterally stiff and comfortable for long races.
We sell a case that is designed for bikes with an integrated seatmast. If you already have a case or if our case is not appropriate for your travels many people have had luck getting their bike into a standard case by removing the cranks and or fork.Bike Transport Bag
BB86 is the standard for road bikes with press-fit bottom brackets. We utilize this standard on many of our Addicts and CR1s. Shimano, SRAM/Truvativ, Campagnolo and FSA all produce a BB86. BB92 is the standard for mountain bikes with press-fit bottom brackets again, Shimano, Sram and FSA all produce a BB for these frames. BB30 is a press in bottom bracket designed for oversized 30mm spindles BB30s can be found on our Scale and Spark RC bikes.
We use semi-integrated or Zero Stack headsets, any manufacture will work as long as the cup is designed for a 44mm internal diameter headtube. If you just need know bearings the appropriate dimension will be printed on the outside of the cartage bearing and should read either 45x45 or 45x36. New headsets or bearings can be obtained from your local bike shop.
There are small allen screws at the front of each dropout you can space your wheel by adjusting them in or out.
Yes! We do have many spare parts. Please contact your local SCOTT dealer or the national distributor in case your dealer cannot help.
There are different possibilities to go for a test-ride with a SCOTT bike: Visit one of our test centers near your home: Dealer Locator and search for “test-center” far on the right side of the page. Several events are taking place each week in different places all around the world. Please contact your local distributor for further information on test rides and schedules. And of course “BIG Ed ”, our truck, is again visiting different events to share our passion of the sports, whether it’s Biking, Wintersports, Running or Motosports. Find the confirmed dates for “BIG Ed” here.  
2.6 Paint and decals
We do not offer any touch up paint for repainting an old frame.
No, unfortunately this is not possible as we do not offer them anymore.
3. Wintersports
3.1 Skis
There are as many bindings on the market as there are types of skiers. We suggest discussing the options with your local ski shop sales person as they are best prepared to help you navigate all the brands and features.
Depending on your skiing style this can change dramatically. We suggest discussing your skiing style and mounting options with the ski tech that is going to mount your bindings. Some of our skis gets a scale of mounting as to fit a more centered position for freestyle & BC. It depends of your won position and type of use.
Our skis ship with a 1 side and base bevel. Our skis are milled 89° side and 0.75° base edge tunning
3.2 Goggles
Lens tints are personal and the best choice for you may vary depending on the mountain, the point in the season or even day to day. Your local ski shop can help you determine the lens that will be best for your average day on the hill.
Lens tints are a personal preference but we have multiple lenses that excel in low light and flat-light situations. We recommend a lens with 40% or more light transmission in a tint you like. (NL-45, NL 40, Red Chrome, Light Sensitive or the Illuminator) Visit the Lens chart tab for your goggle to see what lens options are available for your goggle. www.scott-sports.com/us_en/category/9826/goggles
With minimal care, your SCOTT goggles will provide maximum performance. To clean your SCOTT goggle lens, wash gently using dish soap and running water. Let the lens air dry or dab dry with a soft clean cloth. Avoid wiping the inside of the lens when wet as this may damage the No Fog™ Lens treatment. If the lens becomes scratched or severely impacted, see your authorized SCOTT dealer to purchase a replacement lens. Do not use no-fog cloths or no-fog solutions. Do not expose to chemicals or harsh detergents. Do not expose to extreme heat (100° F) such as car dashboards or heater vents. Do not lay the goggles on the lens. Scratched lenses are not covered by warranty Store dry goggles in a warm dry place.   
Your local ski shop can order lens or might even have them in stock. Also www.prolens.com our online lens retailer.
Remove the old lens from the frame Insert the new lens into the frame lens slot starting at the temple area. Continue working the lens into the frame lens slot along the nose. Now engage the lens keyholes into their respective frame retention posts, working from the nose toward the upper frame. It may be necessary to stretch the frame slightly as you progress in order to keep the lens keyholes and frame post lined up properly. Be sure the entire lens is properly seated in the frame slot and all frame retention posts are fully engaged with the lens keyholes.
3.3 Poles
Our grips are all pressure fit to the shaft and can be pulled off without tools by twisting and pulling simultaneously.
Your local ski shop will have baskets in stock.
Baskets are press fit the pole shaft and will knock off when tapped from the top. Pay attention to your replacement basket, if it has a collar remove the collar from the pole as well, if you only have the molded basket focus your attention to the basket rather than the collar.
The general rule is you want your forearm and bicep to make a 90 angle when holding the pole upside down gripping the pole directly under the basket.
3.4 Softgoods
There are a variety of companies that produce “non-detergents” for technical fabrics. Match the fabric with the specific product and follow the directions on the bottle as well as the care instructions on the tag of the garment or glove.
4. Running
4.1 Running
Running shoes should be comfortably snug around your midfoot and heel, with about a thumb's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Generally, your running shoe size is half a size to a size and a half bigger than your dress shoe size. The reason you want this much space is twofold. First of all, when you run your feet will swell. Any shoe that is a little tight will soon become numbing. Secondly, when you run your foot will slide forward a little in your shoe. If your toes hit the end of your shoe repeatedly, the impact will cause you to bruise and eventually lose your toenails. If this happens, your shoes are definitely too small!
A good running shoe will last approximately 600-800 kilometers. If you run 50km per week, that's 3-4 months. Any walking or training around you do in the shoes counts towards their life, too - so if you want your shoes to last longer, use them just for running. Alternating pairs of shoes can also extend their life (within that 600-800 kilometer window). This is because every time you wear your shoes, the midsole compresses. It takes 24-48 hours for the midsole to fully decompress. If it's not allowed to do so, the shoe will not cushion you as well and will wear out more quickly.
Don't wear cotton socks! When you sweat, cotton gets wet and soggy and stays wet and soggy. This softens the skin on your feet and causes blisters. Synthetic socks, made out of materials like Coolmax and Drynamix, will wick the moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and blister free.
Ergologic Ride is the revolutionary midsole shape that increases running performance. By converting downward momentum into forward motion, energy loss during the propulsion phase of the stride is effectively reduced. The result is a smooth ride that is very stable at midstance, for fast, efficient running with less stress.
Ergologic Fit is a unique upper technology that uses a smooth and conforming mono-sock design in the forefoot and an overlapping heel and midfoot cradle to secure and support the foot. This design maximizes adjustability and fit for different foot shapes, and creates a smooth, comfortable feel over the instep, flex point, and toes.