SCOTT Foil Premium Bicicletta

Bike Foil Premium (CD22) Bike Foil Premium (CD22)
La Foil Premium è una bici Aero sviluppata per essere più veloce ed efficiente in tutte le condizioni. Il telaio realizzato in fibre di carbonio HMX e  la componentistica di alta gamma la rendono perfetta per le competizioni.

Forcella: Scott FOIL HMX NET Carbon steerer

Gruppo: Shimano Dura-Ace Eletronic Shift System
Freni: Shimano Dura-Ace
Parti: Ritchey WCS Carbon
Ruote: Syncros RR 1.0 carbon clincher

modello : 227755
Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting

Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting

The revolutionary Di2 electronic shifting option with SEIS (Shimano Electronic Intelligent System) takes the already superior Shimano shifting performance to a whole new level. The increased accuracy, smoothness and reliability of electronic shifting makes gear changes faster and virtually eliminates missed shifts.
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HMX Carbon Fiber

HMX Carbon Fiber

While we already use the proven HMF composite fiber on all our composite high-end bike models, we have improved upon conventional HMF material. This new fiber, which is produced exclusively for SCOTT, offers 20% more stiffness and is employed on all the areas that need additional rigidity. This new material also allows us to reduce weight and improve riding characteristics. NET stands for Naked External Tubeset, where the frame sheds its exterior cosmetic layer, which saves even more weight.
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IMP Carbon Mainframe

IMP Carbon Mainframe

Our engineers have developed IMP™, the newest technology applied to carbon production. Our proprietary process allows for lighter construction by removing 11% of the material from the headtube intersection while increasing strength by utilizing high modulus stressed fibers for more precise fiber placement in critical areas. To compliment the IMP™ process, our frames benefit from our Naked External Tubeset™, which eliminates the cosmetic carbon layer to shave precious grams. Both HMX and HMF fibers are used in our carbon frames ensuring the utmost durability, security, and longevity for the frame.
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Integrated oversize BB

Integrated oversize BB

The downtube flares at the oversized bottom bracket junction achieving several design goals...
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Integrated Seatclamp

Integrated Seatclamp

The down tube flares at the oversize bottom bracket junction achieving several design goals. This construction adds lateral stiffness without increasing wall thickness, and the new bottom bracket mold disperses loads to effectively half the stress on this crucial junction. The shape of the down tube and bottom bracket carries seamlessly into the chain stays, further reducing turbulence and creating an additional aero benefit. Also, the drive side outer diameter of the bottom bracket conveniently accommodates an SRM or power meter.
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Fuselage Interaction

Fuselage Interaction

Every tube in the frame is oriented in relation to the leading edges of the down tube and head tube,.....
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F01 Aero Technology

F01 Aero Technology

F01 Technology is based on the theory that a partial airfoil shape without the trailing edge can produce the same aerodynamic advantage as a traditional foil shape. Modern foil shapes are largely based on models and ratios created for airplanes by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), but because bicycles attain speeds far less than those of airplanes, these ratios do not necessarily apply to bikes. SCOTT Aero Science engineers have thus developed F01 Technology to create unique, bicycle specific tube shapes which maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower air speeds.
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6,5kg / 14,3299lbs

IMP Carbon Tech, F01 AERO Tech
Road Race geometry
Replaceable Dropout
STD Seattube / INT BB

1 1/8 " - 1 1/4" Carbon steerer
Integrated Carbon Dropout

Serie sterzo
Ritchey WCS Integrated

Deragliatore (posteriore)
Shimano Dura-Ace RD-9070
22 Speed Electronic

Deragliatore (anteriore)
Shimano Dura-Ace FD-9070
Eletronic Shift System

Shimano Dura-Ace ST-9070
22 Speed Electronic Shift

Leve freni

Shimano Dura-Ace BR-9000
Super SLR Dual pivot

Shimano Dura-Ace FC-9000
Hollowtech II 34/50 T

Movimento centrale
INT Dura Ace SM-BB9141

Ritchey WCS Carbon EVO Curve
31.8 Carbon Oversize Anatomic

Ritchey C260 Carbon Superlogic
OS 1-1/8" four Bolt



FIZIK Arione 00 Carbon

Mozzo (anteriore)

Mozzo (posteriore)
Syncros RR1.0

Shimano Dura Ace CN-9000

Shimano Dura - Ace CS-9000
11-28 T

Syncros RR1.0

Syncros RR 1.0 carbon clincher
16 Front / 20 Rear

Grand Prix 4000 700 x 23

Foil - geometry
geometry: Foil
XXS/47 XS/49 S/52 M/54 L/56 XL/58 XXL/61
A head tube angle 70.5° 71.0° 72.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.3° 73.3°
B headtube length 100 mm 3.9 inches 105 mm 4.1 inches 120 mm 4.7 inches 140 mm 5.5 inches 160 mm 6.3 inches 180 mm 7.1 inches 200 mm 7.9 inches
C toptube length horizontal 510 mm 20.1 inches 520 mm 20.5 inches 535 mm 21.1 inches 550 mm 21.7 inches 565 mm 22.2 inches 580 mm 22.8 inches 595 mm 23.4 inches
E seat tube angle 74.5° 74.5° 74.0° 73.3° 73.3° 73.0° 72.5°
G bb center to toptube center 410 mm 16.1 inches 430 mm 16.9 inches 460 mm 18.1 inches 480 mm 18.9 inches 500 mm 19.7 inches 520 mm 20.5 inches 550 mm 21.7 inches
H chainstay length 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches 405 mm 15.9 inches
I bb offset -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches -67 mm -2.6 inches
J standover height 717 mm 28.2 inches 731 mm 28.8 inches 755 mm 29.7 inches 775 mm 30.5 inches 794 mm 31.3 inches 814 mm 32.0 inches 838 mm 33.0 inches
wheelbase 972 mm 38.3 inches 978 mm 38.5 inches 980 mm 38.6 inches 979 mm 38.5 inches 994 mm 39.1 inches 1003 mm 39.5 inches 1012 mm 39.8 inches
K reach 371 mm 14.6 inches 379 mm 14.9 inches 384 mm 15.1 inches 385 mm 15.2 inches 394 mm 15.5 inches 400 mm 15.7 inches 403 mm 15.9 inches
L stack 503 mm 19.8 inches 509 mm 20.0 inches 527 mm 20.7 inches 549 mm 21.6 inches 569 mm 22.4 inches 589 mm 23.2 inches 608 mm 23.9 inches
stem length 90 mm 100 mm 110 mm 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm

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