4.1.1 How should running shoes fit?

Running shoes should be comfortably snug around your midfoot and heel, with about a thumb's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Generally, your running shoe size is half a size to a size and a half bigger than your dress shoe size. The reason you want this much space is twofold. First of all, when you run your feet will swell. Any shoe that is a little tight will soon become numbing. Secondly, when you run your foot will slide forward a little in your shoe. If your toes hit the end of your shoe repeatedly, the impact will cause you to bruise and eventually lose your toenails. If this happens, your shoes are definitely too small!

4.1.2 How long do running shoes last?

A good running shoe will last approximately 600-800 kilometers. If you run 50km per week, that's 3-4 months. Any walking or training around you do in the shoes counts towards their life, too - so if you want your shoes to last longer, use them just for running. Alternating pairs of shoes can also extend their life (within that 600-800 kilometer window). This is because every time you wear your shoes, the midsole compresses. It takes 24-48 hours for the midsole to fully decompress. If it's not allowed to do so, the shoe will not cushion you as well and will wear out more quickly.

4.1.3 How can I prevent blisters?

Don't wear cotton socks! When you sweat, cotton gets wet and soggy and stays wet and soggy. This softens the skin on your feet and causes blisters. Synthetic socks, made out of materials like Coolmax and Drynamix, will wick the moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and blister free.

4.1.4 What does Ergologic Ride mean?

Ergologic Ride is the revolutionary midsole shape that increases running performance. By converting downward momentum into forward motion, energy loss during the propulsion phase of the stride is effectively reduced. The result is a smooth ride that is very stable at midstance, for fast, efficient running with less stress.

4.1.5 What does Ergologic Fit mean?

Ergologic Fit is a unique upper technology that uses a smooth and conforming mono-sock design in the forefoot and an overlapping heel and midfoot cradle to secure and support the foot. This design maximizes adjustability and fit for different foot shapes, and creates a smooth, comfortable feel over the instep, flex point, and toes.
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