KC Deane's return to Green River after a 2 year hiatus to tick off a hit list that was previously not completed.
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Gstaad-SCOTT at Lenzerheide

DH World Cup
It was a dry, dusty and wild weekend of racing in Lenzerheide. Great crowds, great tracks, a well placed lake and loads of good times were had!
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Time to get Rad

We were recently in Massa Vecchia with the likes of Brendan Fairclough, Rémy absalon, Rudi Biedermann and the rest of the SCOTT Crew to launch our brand new 2016 Plus bikes.

With varied conditions, this launch turned into one hell of a shred-fest! 

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Mike Horn said once: "The impossible exists only until we find a way to make it possible," and who could better understand this sentence than him.

In two decades, he has seen more of the Earth than possibly any other human. 

Let’s learn a bit more about the man who truly lives our #NoShortcuts spirit in his everyday life better than anyone else.

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