Cyril Viennot Triumphs with Best Bike Split at Ironman South Africa

24 April 2012

It was a tough day for all triathletes racing Iron Man South Africa in Nelson Mandela Bay. Frenchman Cyril Viennot placed second with a final time of 8:41:48, 7 minutes behind Clemente Alonso-McKernan from Spain. The wind was extremely strong throughout the race which made the conditions difficult for all the athletes, many even had to walk the worst sections.

Cyril got out of the water after 59:54 minutes ranked 6th, 5 minutes behind the leader at the time and race favorite Andi Böcherer from Germany. After a dramatic yet smooth race on his Plasma 3 bike, Cyril came out on top with the best bike split time of 4:43:50. This left him virtually tied with Alonso-McKernan at T2. Boecherer dropped out at 18km but Alonso-McKernan got away from Cyril with the best run-split of the day of 2:46:15.

In the end Cyril came in second place running the SCOTT T2C shoes with a 7:03 margin on Clemente. Aigroz from Switzerland finished 3rd, 4:16 behind Viennot. This result brings Cyril closer to qualifying for his season highlight, the World Championships in Hawaii, and shows once again that he is a complete athlete who is not only a top-bike contender but can also keep the pace up after T2.

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