SCOTT Soft Flex CRX Back Protector

Back Protector Scott Soft Flex CRX Back Protector Scott Soft Flex CRX
The Soft Flex CRX represents the cutting edge of personal safety technology and is built with innovative materials. The D3O® plates are composed of an intelligent shock absorption material, with built in venting for improved breathability. Deflexion™ provides protection without the stiffness of traditional body armor. This design offers increased protective coverage while providing unmatched freedom of movement.
Model : 225380
Selected Color : black
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Soft-shell construction offers the best flexibility, breathability and comfort
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D3O® Technology

D3O® Technology

SCOTT developed a whole collection of soft protection featuring D3O®.D3O® material is a unique solution with the focus on energy dispersion in critical areas for maximum shock absorption and protection. The functionality of the raw material originates from the synergistic effects of the polymer based dilatants. Energy is distributed throughout the synthetic elastomeric polymer and the enhanced chemistry continues to distribute energy on throughout the matrix, significantly reducing the effect of impact.

D3O®'s global patents ensure that no other technology can offer the same level of performance, and SCOTT D3O® materials are engineered to be fit-for-purpose, for an optimized protection AND comfort.


How D3O® Molecule work 

D3O® materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly.This phenomenon allows soft protection to move with riders for anoptimized comfort.BUT, on shock, molecules lock together to protect, absorb and disperseenergy, before instantly returning to their flexible state, for anoptimized protection.Moreover : the greater the force of the impact is, the more the moleculeslock together and the greater the SCOTT D3O® protection is.Elevate your safety !

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Double adjustment belt

Double adjustment belt

The double adjustment system of the belt provides a seamless fit and prevents any void between you and your back protection.
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Aerated and soft extremely flexible 3- plates in D3O® featuring SCOTT Soft Flex Technology
Impact protection layer in Deflexion™
Adjustable chest straps
Hip belt with Velcro closure
Removable, adjustable leg loops

Shell Construction
Soft protective plates in D3O®
Second shock absorbing layer in Deflexion™ silicone material

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