Cyril Viennot

Scott Athlete

Team: Triathlon Triathletes
Year of birth: 1982
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 75 Kg
Hometown: Beauvais, France
Native of Dole in France, Cyril was born in 1982 and started triathlon in 1997. Currently as he can race the biggest competitions around the world, he is also physical education trainer for 4 years in Beauvais, France. 

“I did a lot of sports when I was younger but I wasn’t really addicted. I played football, table tennis and fought in Kung-Fu… I did also gymnastic for 8 years”.

His training are mostly swimming, biking and running oriented but also, as Cyril practices long distance races, he does strength training during the winter season. He trains for 20 hours a week and alternates with 12-14 hours “cool” weeks.

Today, Cyril VIENNOT races in Ironman series as a professional. After getting a 5th place in South Africa, he finished first French and got the 15th place overall in the most famous triathlon, the Hawaii one.

Career highlights:
- 3rd in U23 National championship, 2003
- 6th in U23 National Championship, 2005
- 11th in Triathlon Academic World Championship, 2006
- 11th in Elite National Championship, 2007
- 9th in half Ironman of Wiesbaden, Germany, 2009
Nickname: None...
Hobbies: ski, tennis sometimes, watch movies...
Favorite foods: Pasta!
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Training base(s): A bike lap under the sun, in summer!
Favorite race(s): Ironman Hawaï
Most rewarding aspect of Triathlon: Enable eating everything you want and don't get fat! 

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