Sebastian Kienle

Scott Athlete

Year of birth: 1984
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 Kg
Hometown: Karlsruhe and Knittlingen, Germany

Chris McCormack (IM World Champ 2010) on Sebastian: “Sebastian Kienle he's a friend I've been training with for a few years and I've raced him in these challenge events in Ironman debut, 7:59 and debut mate, bike course record 4:11 the guy is unbelievable. They've been trying to get him at T Mobile when T Mobile was around as a kid, as a cyclist to ride the tour and all he's ever wanted to do is Ironman Hawaii.”

Nickname: Depends on whether the training was good or bad my trainer calls me sissi or sebi ;-)
Hobbies: Music (only listening), cooking, making and drinking coffee ;-)
Favorite foods: Rip eye steak monster style, nearly everything that contains sugar 
Favorite Music: Rise Against, Pearl Jam, Millencolin, Black Keys, Last Shadow Puppets, Sportfreunde Stiller, and more...
Favorite Training base(s): Karlsruhe (friends), Fuerteventura (work), Palamos (landscape, trails)
Favorite race(s): Heidelbergman, 70.3 Wiesbaden
Most rewarding aspect of Triathlon: The feeling after a hard training day, the feeling after a tought race that ended with a 1st place 

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