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Adam McGill

How and when did you start riding, how has it evolved ever since, and what got you into racing?

I started riding ATVs when I was 6 years old. I was always around the ATVs growing up and did my first race when I was 13.  After that first race that my dad and I did we was hooked ever since.

Was there any particular experience that made you consider pursue racing professionally?

Always was reading in magazines about all these fast guys racing quads and making money doing it, I made the decision that I wanted to do it professionally when I was 10.

Who were/are your idols on and off the track?

Barry Hawk and my father

Do you have any specific goals for your racing in your future?

The biggest goal is to be a national champion and to get involved in the industry when the racing career is over.

In what conditions and what terrain do you most enjoy riding?

I really like the rocky and hilly terrain like the hills of WV.

Any activities that aren't ATV-related?



Please answer, if possible, with one word only.

Trick/move: 9 o'clock indian air

Movie: Dust to Glory

Drink: sugar free Amp

Food: BBQ ribs

Country: USA

Place to ride: WV my back yard

Car: 02 power stroke, 05 Chevy motovan


What do you like about SCOTT?

They are a very well designed product and they always put lots of R&D into everything that they make.

What are your favorite SCOTT products?

Goggles cause every pair fits extremely well

What SCOTT products are you using this year?

SCOTT Hustle Goggles and the Cord shades

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

A champion and working for a company like SCOTT USA that stays involved in the industry

What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT?

Precision RP, ITP, LSR, Custom Axis, Baldwin, RG Motorsports, JT Racing, Kal-Gard, Twin Air, IMS, ODI, Wiseco, DP Brakes, All Balls, Dirt Works, Works Connection, Quadtech, Fast Co., Maier, Cycra, FMF, Streamline, DWT, Renthal, Outerwears, CV4, Blingstar, Leatt, SSI, Derisi Racing, UPP, Sunstar, Get It Performance, WEXCR

People you feel you need to thank:

My family for making this dream happen, the McGill mafia, and all the sponsors

What's playing on your iPod right now?

2 Chainz: "I'm Different"

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