Jeremy Humphrey

Jeremy Humphrey
Team: Individual Athletes Skyrunner® World Series
Personal Details
Date of birth: 05.05.1979
Place of birth: Ohio, USA
Nationality: American
Coach: Self Coached
Club: Challenger Track Club
Height: 6'
Weight: 152 lbs

Personal Best 
100 miles 17:41
50k 3:27
Half marathon-1:25 (over 2000' vertical gain)
5.000m 17:13 at age 11
5 Mile 29:53 at age 10

Athletic Highlights

1. 2012 Cascade Crest 100M, 1st

2. 2013 The Bear 100M, 1st

3.  Sharing my love of mountain running through coaching and Directing ultra marathons.

Goals 2014

1. Health and strength of body and spirit throughout 2014

2. UTMB.  Reach a new peak in my preparation over the summer and give more than I ever have, high in the Alps.  Come home happy, enriched and satisfied with my effort.

3. Continue to build my skills in running on all mediums.  This includes a return to more short distance races like marathons.  For me, continued improvement requires focus on more than just 100 Milers.

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