Jeremy Humphrey

Jeremy Humphrey, Challenger Track Club

Personal Details
Date of birth: 05.05.1979
Place of birth: Ohio, USA.  Currently living in Idaho, USA
Nationality: American
Coach: Self Coached
Club: Challenger Track Club
Height: 6'
Weight: 152 lbs

Personal Best 
100 miles 17:43

Athletic Highlights
1. Winning the 2012 Cascade Crest 100 mile race.  It was great to meet Scott McCoubrey for the first time mid-race at the SCOTT team aid station and thank him for the support...and the pirogi's.
2. Earning my 2013 Western States entry by taking second at the Pinhoti 100 mile race.  I dug very deep after a complete physical collapse and I am proud just to have survived.
3. Becoming a sponsored ultra runner by joining the SCOTT racing team and representing SCOTT at races, events and the two ultras I direct.

Goals 2013 
1. Compete at the front in the 2013 Western States 100.
2. Spend the summer running wild through the Idaho mountains and contribute to the running world through writing, photos and race directing.
3. Win a major autumn 100 miler.

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