Genius NUDE2 Shock

Dual Air Spring is the system used by SCOTT to attain two unique spring curves for TwinLoc and LTD (Lock-Trail-Descend) equipped bikes. Either a single air chamber or a combination of the two chambers allows for two unique geometry and travel modes within TwinLoc. When a smaller single chamber is used, there is less air volume and therefore the travel is shorter and the bike is less sagged, offering a steeper more agile bike geometry. When both chambers are employed, the air volume is increased allowing the bike to sag into a slacker position with more negative travel and more available travel at an engineered spring curve specifically for the full travel mode. The Nude2 shock is also considerably lighter than the Equalizer2 shock and the mounting position is more protected. Set-up is also easier due to a single positive air valve and more visible sag indication. Changing the shock mounting position also allowed us to run a steeper Seat Tube angle thus allowing riders who enjoy a more compact frame to run a longer post without affecting the relative Top Tube length.