SCOTT Soft Actifit Protective System

With safety awareness becoming a forefront issue, SCOTT has created a back protector for riders of all abilities. Featuring d3o® technology, the ACTIFIT back panel offers a SCOTT exclusive design and delivers an ergonomic fit with unprecedented comfort. Thin and narrow, the SCOTT SOFT ACTIFIT plate has a unique design including a smart flex zone that follows the curvature of your spine. Low profile and ultra-soft, it molds perfectly to your body and yields excellent performance in cold conditions.

  • Ultra Low Profile: At 14 mm it offers ample protection without unnecessarybulk.
  • Waved flex zone: While many protectors cover only the spine, the Soft Flexplate is longer and protects even the lower portion of your back but is softenough not to disturb you when seated.
  • Ventilation: Large holes offer unmatched ventilation.


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