ALPT - Alternative Load Path Technology

  •  ALPT - Alternative Load Path Technology

All SCOTT braces help protect riders from 5 types of head/neck impacts by employing Alternative Load Path Technology™. This innovation helps disperse the energy--typically transferred to the neck--resulting from an impact to the head. This design relies on the transfer of forces away from the vulnerable neck structures to less vulnerable areas of the body.

In a typical face-plant type accident without a SCOTT Neck Brace, the force of the impact is transferred from the ground to the helmet, through the helmet to the skull and skull base where it is then transferred through the neck to the back (thoracic spine). With a SCOTT brace fitted, the force will instead transfer from the ground to the helmet, through the helmet onto the SCOTT Neck Brace. Some of the force will therefore be transferred to the brace and dispersed to the less vulnerable parts of the torso. If the impact is significant enough, the brace is designed to fail in crumple zones (similar to those seen in cars), thereby helping to absorb some of the energy of the impact.

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