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Approach is part of the journey

Eine neue möglichkeit Berge zu erklimmen und ausflüge zu einem einmaligen Erlebnis zu machen.

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Twinloc suspension system - Three bikes in one

The TwinLoc Suspension System is a proprietary SCOTT Suspension System that allows a rider to control a bikes suspension performance and geometry simultaneously.

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Discover the all new SCOTT E-Genius. With 150mm of travel and a perfect integration of the Shimano Steps E-8000, have a look at what the best E-MTB trail bike is capable of…

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Carbon Cycling Shoes

Racing range of lightweight carbon mountain bike shoes and road cycling shoes offering ultimate power transfer and exceptional comfort.

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The Genius has been a longstanding staple in our range of mountain bikes for years now. With the genius, no matter the trail, no matter the conditions, no matter the rider, it is always the right bike. Check out this incredible MTB, you will fall in love for sure!

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E-Bikes - All I Need To Know

Acomplete guide for all you need to know about e-bikes. The difference between urban bikes and mountain bikes, hardtail, full suspension, how to maintain your e-bike etc. Check out the page and learn more about electric assist bikes.

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Why you want disc brakes on road bikes

Ever wondered why put disc brakes on a road bike? Everything you wanted to know on how disc brakes influence braking power, modulation, safety, weight, aerodynamics, maintenance and durability.

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Silence Your City

The E-Silence will change the way you look at getting around town. It will get you where you want faster and more comfortably than ever.

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E-Spark - Step into high gear

At SCOTT, we believe the fun shouldn’t be just be on the descent but should be part of the whole ride and that's what our E-Mountain Bikes are made for. The E-Spark and its pedal assist changes the game, now the climbs are as playful and inspired as the downs.

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SCOTT Foil Disc - Faster. For Longer.

The FOIL Team Issue has been designed to be more aerodynamic, more comfortable, and to still have that incredibly laterally stiff nature.
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Chasing Trail

Searching for the world's best mountain bike trails? We've lined up some athletes to help you get there. Check your next MTB adventure here.

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Gambler 710

It can be for pointing down the most demanding world cup tracks in the world, or flying over 80 foot jumps, the Gambler 710 is your weapon.

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Get Your Head in the Game

The Cadence Plus and Centric Plus are the most advanced high-performance helmets we've ever created. Get your head in the game.

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How to choose the perfect winter cycling gear?

Winter is coming! Of course, you don’t want to stop riding, so make sure to choose the right gear to enjoy every second of your ride in the cold weather.

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ITD ProTec Technology

SCOTT ITD ProTec Technology is a blend of Carbon yarns and ceramic prints which provides a fabric with very high abrasion resistance, especially in the case of high speed crashes which are sadly a part road cycling. So why not improving your protection ?

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Plasma 5

The Plasma 5 was designed to enable an aerodynamic fusion between rider and bike. Check out this incredible machine.

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RC Concept - Road Bike

Designed for passionate road cyclists looking for speed, aerodynamics and lightweight. Our high-end road RC products are here to help you reach your best. Every curve, form and seam has been developed to help you want to push your limits. Don’t wait, discover more!

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RC Concept - Triathlon

With proven success at world class competitions and championships, the Triathlon RC Collection is made for competitors who demand the best. You'll be achieving new "personal bests" in no time, thanks to our triathlon focused helmets, eyewear, footwear and apparel.

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Gravel Tripping

End of the road? Nope, join us as we take our drop bar bikes and head off the beaten path for new adventures in Gravel Tripping.

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RC Concept - XC

With decades of top-level competition behind us, the Cross-Country RC Collection was developed purely to help you excel and perform at your best. If you are performance focused, then this is the gear for you. High quality, carbon expertise and innovation are the pillars of this collection.

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Scale : Lightweight Perfection

From the carbon fiber to the manufacturing process to the final result the new Scale has been completely redesigned. Learn more here.

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DEATHGRIP Movie - Brendan Fairclough, Brandon Semenuk, Josh Bryceland

The DEATHGRIP movie puts the defining style of Brendan Fairclough with the progressive filmmaking of Clay Porter, slamming them together into an in-your-face, non-stop onslaught of race-pace action set against some of earth’s best scenery. This is a must watch.

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SCOTT Velosolutions DH Team

With riders such as Brendan Fairclough and Gaetan Vigé, plus a host of industry leading partners, expect SCOTT-Velosolutions to lead the charge with the SCOTT Gambler DH bike season after season at the UCI Downhill World Cup.

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Solace Disc

The Solace has been designed to offer a comfortable ride without sacrificing immediate power transfer and direct handling abilities.

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Spark : Built with Perfection, Bred to Win

The SCOTT Spark is not only one of the most successful full suspension bikes on the circuit, it's also our most popular bike for non-racers.

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Protect What Matters - Vanguard Jacket

Looking for a jacket that offers protection, a hydration system and storage options? Check out the Vangaurd Jacket Protector. Thanks to D3O construction, the Vangauard offers great flexibility whilst still being able to reduce the force of powerful impacts.

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