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N1NO Schurter – Um Ciclista de Montanha em busca da Glória

O Filme
“N1NO Schurter – Um Ciclista de Montanha ’ em busca da Glória” documenta a vida do Medalhista Olímpico de 2016. Desde a juventude de Nino’ como criança numa remota aldeia numa montanha Suíça até à sua grande vitória nos jogos Olímpicos do Rio, são cobertos todos os pormenores.
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Chapter 14: The Glorious Chapter

On August 21st 2016, N1NO Schurter completed his collection of Olympic medals by winning Gold in Rio de Janeiro. The 5x UCI MTB World Champion had not only set himself the biggest goal, but also put himself under tremendous pressure to succeed in his Hunt for Glory. Now that the hunt has ended in glory, N1NO breaks down the last few years for us.
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Chapter 13: Legend in the Making

In this Chapter, it is not N1NO Schurter who tells the story, but some of his most famous competitors like Julien Absalon, José Hermida and Manuel Fumic. How did N1NO make his way up to be one of the most successful mountain bike athletes? And what sets him apart from the others?
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Chapter 12: #NEWBIKEDAY

What does it take to be a champion? World class talent, world class drive, and world class equipment. To develop the best products, we need feedback from the best athletes in the world in order to create podium worthy bikes. Check out how Nino shaped the development of the new Scale and Spark in the latest release of “Hunt for Glory.”

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Chapter 11: Endurance Training

If you race mountain bikes, you’ve learned to love to suffer. No one knows this better than World champion @nschurter. Learn more about Nino’s strategically tough interval training to get an idea of how the pro’s get their endurance training dialed. Time for a sufferfest. 
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Chapter 10: Going Full Throttle with Brendog

Every year, N1NO and Brendan Fairclough find some time to train together. What do the lycra clad World Champ and the downhill world’s chief style icon get up to on their bikes? Find out here!

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Chapter 9: Hittin' the Gym with the Champ Parts 1 & 2

The reasons behind Nino Schurter being one of the most iconic mountain bikers of all time is ever growing. One thing that sets him apart from the rest is the atypical way he trains and prepares for the season.
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Chapter 8: Nino Bike Days

In Chapter 8, N1NO takes us to “Nino Bike Days”, an event where Nino gets to give back to his massive fan base, teaching them a few tricks of their own. Every year at the end of the season, the World Champion puts his coaching hat on and spends time with mountain bikers of all ability levels.
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Chapter 7: Riding Home

Another race season is in the books and now it is time for N1NO to focus on the fun side of things. Follow N1NO and his friends and check out, where N1NO trains, rides and spends most of his time on the bike.
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Chapter 6: Making History

In one of the most exciting XCO Racing seasons in history, N1NO Schurter took back the coveted rainbow jersey. It is the 4th Elite World Championship title of his career.
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Chapter 5: In Search of the Beginning

N1NO`s 5th chapter of his #huntforglory webisode is all about a journey to the roots of Mountain biking. The 3x MTB World Champion meets one of the Godfathers of Mountain biking, Tom Ritchey, at his home place in Skyline, Northern California.
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Chapter 4: There is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home. Chapter 4 of Nino Schurter`s #HUNTFORGLORY shows the 3x World Champion in his familiar surroundings.
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Chapter 3: The First Big Battle

At World Cup races it's all about the #huntforglory! These are the moments that motivate me to give my all so that I can achieve my goals. Nove Mesto, with its superb atmosphere and great riding is definitely one of my favorite races- I love to battle there. 
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Chapter 2: On The Go

Being on a professional MTB team, there is a lot of travelling involved- before and during race time. Nino Schurter and SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing spent a decent amount of time in South Africa and California preparing for the upcoming World Cup season, which is just around the corner.
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Chapter 1: Work Hard, Play Hard

Follow N1NO as he begins to train for the upcoming World Cup Season, and eventually for the Olympics in Rio. Go behind the scenes to see what preparing for an Elite World Cup season really looks like. 


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