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There are not many places in the world that get compared to paradise more often than Hawaii. The islands in the Pacific Ocean are world-renowned for its stunning beaches, active volcanoes and relaxed vibe; simply the perfect place for beach and summer holidays. We asked our athletes to show us their favorite spot and what makes the Big Island so special for them.

The Big Island of Hawaii is exactly what its name implies. Encompassing 10,430 km2, the Big Island is twice the size of all other Hawaiian islands combined. It offers plenty of room to roam and endless reasons to do so. What other island is large enough to hold five volcanoes, including the world’s most active volcano—Kilauea, which has been spewing molten lava since January 1983.

Since 1978 the IM World Championship takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is almost grotesque that this beautiful island is the venue of one of the arduous sport events in the world. This contrast of beautiful beaches on the one side and the bleak nature of volcanoes and lava fields on the other side make this island so unique and captivating. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that 2014 IM World Champion and “Uberbiker” Sebastian Kienle picks something related to the bike course as his favorite thing on the Big Island. Check out the video to see what he, and the five other SCOTT pro athletes who will line-up on Saturday, like most about the Big Island.

Photo credit: Korupt Vision