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Sam Cohen

Name: Sam Cohen

Nickname: Sammo

Birthday: 23.11.1992

Nationality: American

Speciality: Freeride

Home Ski Area: Alta Ski Area, Utah

Athletes talk

How and when did you start skiing, how has it evolved ever since, and what got you into freeskiing? 

My folks worked up at Alta and put me on skis around age 2. My love for skiing and the mountains has grown over the years evolving into a true passion. Alta never had a racing program growing up so we explored the mountain a lot at a young age. We found jumps and cliffs and all the good stuff. Freeskiing was natural, all of our heros were freeskiers whom we shared turns with as kids.

Was there any particular experience that made you consider skiing professionally?

No, not really. The vibe and culture I was brought up in was based out of Alta, UT. At the time everyone seemed to be a Pro Freerider. It made an impression on a lot of the kids from Alta at the time. We all wanted to be pro skiers someday.

Who were/are your idols on and off the hill?

A lot of skiers from my home I have always looked up to.  Gordy Piefer, Jamie Pierre, Sage, Dave McReynolds, The Collins brothers. A lot of people inspire me on a daily basis these days.

What does skiing mean to you personally?

Living free and allowing your instinct to take your mind places you never thought you could have imagined.

Do you have any specific goals for your skiing in the future?

Going on bigger missions, deeper in the mountains. Trying to ski new lines using whatever tactics you may need to get down.

What aspect of skiing thrills you the most?

The adventure into the unknown.

In what condition and what terrain do you enjoy riding the most?

I love skiing in any discipline but skiing big mountains in typically good conditions has always been a passion of mine.

Any activities that aren’t skiing related?

Climbing/ mountaineering, skateboarding, LIVING!

What do you like about Scott?

Besides the quality gear, I like that Scott has remained a soulful and pure company thriving in the same way as the everyday ski bum.

What are your favorite Scott products?

Scrapper 190, Cascade 189, Superguide Carbon Boot, Decoder Jacket, Sawatch Jacket, Komati Jacket

What Scott products are you using this year?

Scrapper 190, Punisher 189, Cascade 189, Superguide Carbon Boot, G2 130, Decoder Jacket, Sawatch Jacket, Solute Vest, Komati Jacket,

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Climbing and skiing in the mountains with good friends having a good time.

People you feel you need to thank….

Family and friends. All the homies in LCC!

Please answer, if possible, with one word only.

Trick/move: 3

Food: Mexican

Country: Canada

Resort/Place to Ski: Hakuba

Car: Tacoma