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A.T.L.E.T (CH)

SCOTT soutient une jeune équipe de triathlètes dans le canton de Vaud, afin de les aider à atteindre leurs objectifs. Les triathlètes A.T.L.E.T. sont des jeunes entre 16 et 19 ans, qui se distinguent par leur talent et leur motivation.


SCOTT Running Team

Look out! These are a fine combination of strong athletes with good and humble people.

You'll recognize them through the new black and yellow Racing Concept (RC) kit, the focus and pain on faces during training and racing, and the smiles after accomplishments.

Motto: Train hard, race hard.

So when you'll hear the song "Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow", be prepared, they'll be ready to go !



SCOTT likes to work with different people and organizations within the running world. Here's a list of all our running-related partners.