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Kabush wins Trans-Cascadia

05 octubre 2017

Riding the new SCOTT Genius fitted with 29-inch wheels, Geoff Kabush clawed his way into the overall race lead on the final day of the Trans-Cascadia. For the second year in a row, he was able to pull on the winner’s jersey at the end of this exclusive, multi-day enduro event.

“Really an incredible event and good time,” said Geoff, after the event. “Psyched I was able to get the new Genius and race it to the win there. Set it up with the 29" wheels and felt really comfortable pushing it to the limit on the Oregon trails!”

After dinner on the final day, the overall podiums were called up. No one, not even Geoff or the other competitors, knew who would take the Pro Men’s win, but with a 28-second lead earned on the final day, Geoff walked away with the top step for a second year. Until the final day, he had trailed the race leader for the entire event. The dramatic final day made for an exciting end to this iconic event.

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