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2014 Swiss Epic- A Race of Epic Proportions

18 septembre 2013

Real singletrack racing, stunning alpine mountain views plus a format which suits both racers and flow-orientated mountain bikers- The PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC presented by SCOTT is a new, refreshing race experience and will mark a new highlight on the stage race calendar. The six-day mountain bike adventure through the Valais Alps in Switzerland will be from September 15-20th, 2014. It will lead a maximum of 300 teams of two from Verbier via Leukerbad and Grächen to Zermatt and take mountain bikers through the most stunning scenery in Switzerland. Thanks to its four locations during the six stages, participants can stay two nights in the same place, which greatly increases their comfort and recovery time. 

The week-long test ride just ten days ago let the first riders experience the flowing singletrack route and was a brilliant premiere for the trail. More than 80 bike enthusiasts took on the challenge. With a distance of 400 km and an elevation gain of 15,000 meters, the course next year will also be a challenge for even professional riders. Flow loving riders can choose the shorter SWISS EPIC FLOW with a distance of 300 km and just 8000 meters of climbing, including a shuttle service to transport bikes and riders. "We are seeking the "baggy shorts" riders and want to establish a new type of stage race with our Flow version," says Co-Founder Thomas Frischknecht, emphasizing the unique format.

SWISS EPIC was able to aquire strong partners with PERSKINDOL and SCOTT Sports signing on as title and presenting sponsors. As one part of its commitment, Perskindol, a Swiss brand with a long history for muscle and joint discomfort products, will offer a massage service during the stage race. SCOTT brings a great deal of expertise in bike sports and racing service. "We are proud of our long lasting history in stage race support and sponsoring. With our commitment to this race, and SWISS EPIC`s approach of focusing also on flow orientated bikers, SCOTT targets not only traditional racers but also the steadily growing community of fun loving trail bikers," says Reto Aeschbacher, Marketing Division Manager of SCOTT Sports.

Short Profile: Switzerland’s first six-day mountain bike stage race for teams of two.

Dates: September 15-20, 2014

Stages: Verbier – Leukerbad – Grächen – Zermatt

Route: Prologue followed by 5 stages with a focus on flowing singletrails. A new trail will be organized each year.

SWISS EPIC: approx. 400 km and 15,000 meters of elevation.

SWISS EPIC FLOW: a race for flow loving bikers of 300 km and 8000 meters of elevation gain, with a shuttle service for part of the climbing stages.

Participation: limited to 300 teams. Participants can be pro athletes and ambitious hobby bikers. Registration for the draw of team entries starts on 13.10.2013 at 1:10pm at www.swissepic.com.

Categories: SWISS EPIC: Ladies (2 Women), Men (2 Men), Mixed (1 Woman and 1 Man), Master (both at least 40 years old)SWISS EPIC FLOW: Ladies (2 Women), Men (2 Men), Mixed (1 Woman and 1 Man)CORPORATE: one team of 3 teams of two, two teams ride the SWISS EPIC, the third team rides the SWISS EPIC FLOW. 

Organizers: Joko Vogel, Co-Founder and organizer of the TORTOUR, the largest ultra-cycling event in the world. Dany Gehrig, CEO of Globetrotter Travel Service AG, president of Swiss Olympic Gigathlon. Thomas Frischknecht, three-time World Champion, three-time overall World Cup winner, Manager of SCOTT Siwsspower. Olivia Schoch, Project Manager of the PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC