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Contessa Riding Day Tegernsee

16 juillet 2014

The latest Contessa Riding Day took place on Saturday, the 12th of June in Tegernsee, Germany.
26 women had the chance to test SCOTT’s newest bikes, including the Genius, Genius LT and Spark on some world class trails with Contessa Team members Fien, Andi, Kathrin, and Karen Eller. 

Max tuned the test bikes and Karen explained the specs of the new collection accompanied with hot cappuccinos and croissants. Despite the pouring rain the tour started and all the participants had a blast.

In the afternoon it was time for a huge BBQ with a salad buffet. All in all, it was a successful day with lots of fun for both the participants and for the Contessa team members!

Special thanks to Max and Christina for all of their help. Thanks to Fien, Andi, and Kathrin for all the laughs despite the ugly weather. And a huge thanks to the Berkzeit Team, who supported  us with delicious croissants, cappuccinos and the BBQ buffet.