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Final Supercross and Offroad Wins for SCOTT

07 mai 2013

The final round of the Monster Energy Supercross season took place last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.  With the 450SX title already tied up last week in Salt Lake City, all eyes were on the 250 classes.  Fans were treated to 3 intense battles as two 250SX titles were decided and then the best riders in country battled it out for the Dave Coombs, Sr. East/West Shootout trophy.

250SX East Coast Class

Newly appointed Monster Energy Pro Circuit recruit and SCOTT goggle athlete Tyler Bowers had nothing to lose coming into Vegas.  After picking up a ride with only three rounds to race, Bowers only had to prove to himself and everyone else that the deserved a spot on the highly acclaimed PC team.  The 3-time Arenacross champion didn't disappoint and started the racing night off with a big win in the 250SX East Coast main event. Bowers nailed a top three start and quickly moved into the lead, where he would stay until the checkered flag was thrown.  his win marks the first in his Supercross career.  tyler's win set him up as a favorite going into the 250SX East/West Shootout with the top 10 from each region.  Unfortunately, Tyler found himself just outside the top 5 at the start of the shootout and tangled with others while working his way forward.  Bowers had to settle for 14th.  Bowers managed to finish an impressive 16th overall in the point standings with only 3 races under his belt.


SCOTT goggle athlete Levi Kilbarger finished the 250 East main event in 12th place.  Kilbarger had a solid season--qualifying for multiple main events--and finished off the season 17th in the 250 East Coast point standings.


Kilbarger's teammate Ryan Zimmer also had a great ending to the season.  Zimmer finished 14th in the last 250 East Coast main event and just outside the top 20 in the final point standings.



Honorable mentions go out to Pro Circuit Racing teammates Dean Wilson and Justin Hill, who bothended their seasons prematurely due to injuries sustained during the season.  Wilson still managed to finish the season in 7th, while Justin Hill ended up 12th in the final 250 East point standings.  Look for both riders to bounce back this summer at the outdoor nationals.

250SX East Region Point Standings

1. Wil Hahn 198 points Hon

2. Marvin Musquin 195 points KTM

3. Blake Wharton 171 points Suz

4. Vince Friese 118 points Hon

5. Gavin Faith 116 points Hon

6. Cole Thompson 96 points Hon

7. Dean Wilson 87 points Kaw

8. Lance Vincent 80 points KTM

9. Kyle Peters 78 points Hon

10. AJ Catanzaro 73 points Kaw

11. Jeremy Martin 71 points Yam

12. Justin Hill 68 points Kaw

13. Jimmy Decotis 66 points Kaw

14. Mitchell Oldenburg 66 points Hon

15. PJ Larsen 62 points Yam

16. Tyler Bowers 59 points Kaw

17. Levi Kilbarger 49points Hon

18. Jackson Richardson 45 points Hon

19. Daniel Herrlein 43 points Hon

20. Steven Clarke 40 points KTM


250SX West Coast Class


SCOTT goggle athlete Martin Davalos came into Vegas ready to compete for a win.  In the 250SX West Coast main event Davalos got a decent jump off the gate and found himself in the top 5 early in the race.  Davalos worked his way forward to 3rd by the checkered flag.  With his 3rd place finish, Davalos qualified for the 250 East/West Shootout, where he would finish a strong 4th overall.  Martin ended the season 5th overall in the point standings and now sets his sights on the outdoors, where he will surely be a podium threat.


Tyla Rattray finished off his season with a strong top ten finish in the 250SX West Coast main event.  Rattray earned a 9th place finish on the night and ended up 8th overall in the 250SX West Coast point standings.  Rattray also qualified for the 250 East/West Shootout and finished in 10th in the special event.  Rattray is rumored to be racing a Pro Circuit 450 outdoors this summer.


Topher Ingalls had another impressive performance in Vegas after making the main event in Salt Lake City just a week before.  Ingalls finished an impressive 12th overall in the 250SX West Coast main event.


Arenacross regular and SCOTT goggle athlete Gared Steinke also had a great night in Vegas, racing his way to a 13th place finish in the main.  Only the top qualified from each coast for the shootout, so Steinke would be forced to watch from the sidelines.


Dakota Tedder had a decent year racing Supercross with a few trips to the main in his resume.  In Vegas, Tedder finished a respectable 15th overall in the 250SX West main event and rounded out the point standings in 20th for the season.

250SX West Region Point Standings

1. Ken Roczen 185 points KTM

2. Eli Tomac 183 points Hon

3. Cole Seely 148 points Hon

4. Jason Anderson 139 points Suz

5. Martin Davalos 134 points Kaw

6. Kyle Cunningham 114 points Yam

7. Zach Osborne 112 points Hon

8. Tyla Rattray 99 points Kaw

9. Joey Savatgy 98 points KTM

10. Malcolm Stewart 88 points KTM

11. Christian Craig 87 points Hon

12. Travis Baker 80 points Yam

13. Austin Politelli 76 points Hon

14. Ryan Sipes 75 points Suz

15. Jessy Nelson 60 points Hon

16. Max Anstie 38 points Suz

17. Josh Cachia 29 points KTM

18. Jake Canada 28 points Hon

19. Scott Champion 28 points Hon

20. Dakota Tedder 24 points Kaw


450SX Class


Though the 450SX title had been decided last week in SLC, riders found themselves in Vegas fighting for a top spot in the point standings before heading outdoors to race the nationals.  SCOTT goggle athlete Andrew Short rode well and qualified for the 450SX main event with a 5th place transfer spot in the first 450 heat race.  In the main event, Short battled forward throughout the entire race after getting a mid-pack start.  Short finished 9th in Vegas and ended the season 7th overall in the points.


Consistent rider Phil Nicoletti did it yet again and qualified for another main event, earning an 8th place transfer spot in the second 450 heat race.  Nicoletti finished just outside the top ten in 11th and ended the season 17th overall in the 450SX point standings.


Always a podium threat, SCOTT athlete Trey Canard was looking for a podium to finish his season.  Unfortunately it was not to be--even after qualifying 3rd in the second 450 heat race.  In the main, Canard got a slow jump off the gate and was caught up mid-pack.  As a result, Canard was forced to pull off and was credited with 20th on the night.  Canard still finished 6th overall in the 450SX point standings and can hold his head high after returning from a serious injury to having multiple podiums and top 5 finishes throughout the year.  Look for Canard to be a podium threat this summer at the AMA outdoor nationals.

450SX Point Standings

1. Ryan Villopoto 371 points Kaw

2. Davi Millsaps 338 points Suz

3. Ryan Dungey 337 points KTM

4. Justin Barcia 277 points Hon

5. Chad Reed 239 points Hon

6. Trey Canard 221 points Hon

7. Andrew Short 214 points KTM

8. Justin Brayton 190 points Yam

9. Broc Tickle 176 points Suz

10. James Stewart 174 points Suz

11. Jake Weimer 157 points Kaw

12. Matt Goerke 139 points KTM

13. Mike Alessi 107 points Suz

14. Weston Peick 105 points Suz

15. Josh Hill 93 points Suz

16. Robby Kiniry 66 points Yam

17. Phil Nicoletti 58 points Yam

18. Eli Tomac 52 points Hon

19. Chris Blose 50 points Yam

20. Vince Friese 45 points Hon


Thad Duvall wins the Mammoth GNCC


SCOTT goggle athlete Thad Duvall won his first GNCC of the season last weekend at the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Mammoth GNCC held in Park City, KY.  Heavy rains hammered for 3 days leading up to the event, forcing race organizers to condense the race to 2 hours.  Duvall chose to race a 250F in the sloppy conditions and it paid off for him, as he won by just under a minute and was one of only 5 riders to complete 5 laps on the difficult course.

Thad Duvall

With this win, Duvall maintains 3rd in the point standings just behind other SCOTT goggle athletes Charlie Mullins and Kailub Russell, who both had issues in Kentucky and were unable to finish the race with the lead group.  Mullins took home 7th for his efforts and Russell finished 11th.

The next GNCC round will be May 18-19 in Springville, NC.

Kurt Caselli wins the Jericho, UT Hare & Hound


SCOTT goggle athlete Kurt Caselli dominated his 4th consecutive National Hare & Hound race of the season at the sixth round of the series held in Jericho, UT.  Caselli got off to a great start and by the second lap, he'd worked his way past teammate Ivan Ramirez and into the lead.  Kurt would go on to win by over 4 minutes.  SCOTT goggle athlete Ivan Ramirez got a little turned around on the course and lost a few spots.  He would eventually find his way and recover to a 4th place finish.  Caselli leads the series heading into the round, which is also in Jericho, UT, on May 18th.