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Amplify your Vision

AMPLIFIER Lens Technology: Optimizing contrast and clarity

What it does for you

AMPLIFIER is a unique lens technology that optimizes contrast and clarity. Essentially, you can see more details more clearly in every lighting condition.

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Why it’s legit

Over 20 years ago, a SCOTT engineer named Bob Youmans invented the impressive and industry leading AMPLIFIER Lens Technology. SCOTT obtained a patent for AMPLIFIER in 1999. Years of fine tuning have made AMPLIFIER a revolutionary lens technology helping our athletes push themselves to their limits.

Lens filtering the light

How does it work?

A unique light transmission curve

AMPLIFIER utilizes a unique light transmission curve which optimises the color spectrum of the visible light to which the human eye is the most sensitive.

Useful light in, useless light out

Basically, by tuning the curve we let more useful light in, and leave more useless light out.

Useful colors are important for the human eye to enhance more contrast and clarity. Whereas useless light will decrease the perception of contrast and clarity.

Fully integrated

AMPLIFIER lens technology is fully integrated into SCOTT's very own PC lens.



SCOTT LCG Compact Goggle
SCOTT LCG Compact Goggle


SCOTT Linx Goggle
SCOTT Linx Goggle


SCOTT LCG Goggle Light Sensitive
SCOTT LCG Goggle Light Sensitive