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Scott and GreenEDGE Cycling… Let the good times roll.

On the back of the massive success last year, we at SCOTT have stepped up our commitment to become a co-naming sponsor for the 2017 season for both the men's and women's teams. We recognized from the start that our shared philosophy and passion for cycling has been our advantage. Today we are really proud to announce that we are upping the level of our commitment. This is the next step, and for us it was quite obvious. We are here to build on the success of the team because we believe there is still tremendous potential. With names like Chavez, Gerrans, and the Yates brothers, GreenEDGE Cycling is a powerhouse on the pro tour. Add the SCOTT name to that and you have a real recipe for success.

"To be successful at this level you simply have to have the best equipment. We know this as well as anyone so we are putting the full force of the SCOTT Sports group behind this partnership.  This way GreenEDGE Cycling can benefit from our expertise across every category. The best example of this is probably Syncros. They make incredible products that integrate seamlessly with our bike. It's a huge win for the team."

- Pascal Ducrot, Vice President at SCOTT Sports

Orica-Scott General Manager, Shayne Bannan welcomes SCOTT, proud to move towards the future with a partner who shares the team's values and ambitions.

"We are thrilled to have SCOTT step up into a major, co-naming rights sponsor for our team. Their progression as a sponsor follows ours as a team and together we believe the partnership will achieve great things in the coming years.

We are committed to providing our men and women the best environment and equipment to achieve maximum results. SCOTT Sports' dedication to this cause, right from day one, has already seen us come a long way since our inception. Now, together, we look forward to taking the next major steps.

After a breakout 2016 season, we are extremely excited for what 2017 holds for us."

- Shayne Bannan, General Manager at Orica-SCOTT

Syncros - Precision Bicycle Products as new technical sponsor. 

"This is one of the most exciting moments in our brand's history. The opportunity to work with some of the top athletes in the world on new innovations and product developments is really priceless. Add to that the fact that their unique style and attitude match us perfectly. The future is looking pretty bright."

- Christophe Dadaschi, Syncros Product Manager 

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SCOTT Leap LS Sunglasses
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