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These unusal interviews will touch base on running related topics but also personal opinions, preferences and tastes to give you a better understanding of who these individuals are.


Rolf Einar Jensen

Saving the best for last! Final episode of our Super Talk RC series. Rolf Einar Jensen acts in life as he does on a technical downhill: TOTAL FREESTYLE!

Andy Symonds

Even after having lived in France for years, Andy Symonds ‘s UK origins are still showing through his answers.

Cody Lind

Don’t get fooled by the calm voice and quiet attitude of Cody Lind. When his race mode is on, he’s an absolute beast!

Ruth Croft

If Ruth Croft tells you she doesn’t drink beer, just roll with it! Full behind the running scene interview with international “non-pro” athlete of the SCOTT Running team.

Hector Haines

Meet Hector Haines and find out what he’s got to say about haggis, fells, strava and much more on today’s episode of SuperTalk RC!

Alexis Sevennec

Get to know the SCOTT Running team athletes outside of racing. Let’s start with the infamous mountain goat of the team; he can dance as well as he runs.Here’s what Alexis Sevennec has got to say!

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