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Approach is part of the ski journey
Electric Sk-eRIDE bike

A new way to approach the mountain and enjoy a full journey.

When mountain passes are still closed and the spring snow is high in the mountains, it’s often a sign of great ski touring conditions. However, how can we reach the first snow patch without burning all our energy, how can we use electric assistance to get to places you’ve dreamed about for a couple of seasons, make sure the journey is a moment of fun from bottom to top, don’t destroy your back by carrying all your equipment, all negative meters should be a source of fun, make a 1500m elevation to a 2500m elevation day. These are all the points we wanted to answer by developing a more advanced solution for a winter approach ebike. The SK-eRIDE

  • The concept

  • The E-bike

  • The equipment

  • The ride

Satisfaction lies in starting your skitour at your doorstep. Doing the approach of a skitour by bicycle rather than public transport or your own car extends the adventure, while lowering your carbon footprint. When I did my first one I was looking for a way to combine my two passions : Cycling and Skitouring. For this project we wanted to use a Scott E-bike as a base in order to make the bicycle part more fun, but also to enable you to go deeper into the mountains. Especially in springtime approaches by foot can be long-winded, with an e-Bike fullsuspension bike they actually become fun. The engine also easily equalizes the additional weight you carry with your ski equipment.

Christian Holweck, Product Designer, SCOTT Sports SA

behind the scenes picture collage

Short specs

  • Frame: Axis EVO Alloy Frame
  • Suspension: TwinLoc Suspension System
  • Front suspension: SR Suntour XCR34 Air 120mm Fork
  • Rear suspension: SCOTT 3 modes, 120-85-0mm Shock
  • Drive unit: Shimano E8000, 500Wh Battery, power output of 70Nm and 250W, 25km/h maximum speed assist
  • Accessories and Parts: Syncros
  • Light: Supernova M99 mini
  • Rack: Racktime carrier
  • Hub: SONdelux 12 disc – dynamo hub - 6 Volt / 3 Watts
  • Dynamo USB: Cinq5 Plug III
  • Winter protection: Revelate Design
  • Front carrier: Thule
  • Bags: Revelate Design
  • Phone: CrossCall Trekker-X4

What we will do with this bike ?

We would like to offer a new approach solution to our athletes to open up the mountains for exploring more skiing lines. It could happen by starting from their backyard or reaching closed passes in spring time. The goal is to reach the snow and go where cars can not. Please stay in touch to follow up coming eRIDE skimo stories.

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