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SCOTT SR Suntour

Rémy Absalon

Home (City / Country)  Remiremont, Les Vosges, France AKA "Loam Land"

Date of birth                   28/02/1984

Career Highlights         

  1. 12x Mégavalanche victories. 2017 Mountain of Hell winner.
  2. 4x winner of French Enduro Series overall.
  3. 4x winner of European Cup DH marathon.

Athletes talk


Words to live by / Personal mantra      

More ride more fun!


What "No Shortcuts" means to you     

Do not wonder too much, just ride as fast as possible. Too late to make a U-turn


Three things you always pack  

My bike, MacBook Pro, Some food


How I relax       

Watching a cool movie. (Or chilling on the beach but not always possible ;)


Favorite place to ride (or run or ski depending of your sport) 

It is chauvinistic but Les Vosges! I love to ride in the loam.