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Elmiger Sprints to Second at Tour of Qatar

04 February 2013

A very windy day in Stage one of the Tour of Qatar on Dukhan beach would end with a strong finish from IAM Cycling and Martin Elmiger specifically. It would be Elmiger who would spark the final attack- creating a 45 second gap into a strong headwind with 10 Kilometers to go. Ultimately, Eliminger would finish second.

Considering that this was team IAM Cyclings first race as a team, they did quite well. Here is what Kjell Carlström had to say about the day, "The team rode really well together if we consider that it was their very first race as a team! The race was brutal from the start and with the crosswinds the peloton split very fast into many pieces.”

Kjell Carlström would add that, “Eventually the peloton regrouped and it was a new race. The second time it split we once again had a good position, not perfect, but we made it good by chasing back the first group and immediately after that Martin Elmiger attacked with Rast and Bookwalter.

Today team IAM Cycling continues onto the time trial where they are enthusiastic about performing well.