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SCOTT Sports Introduces New Enduro Team

20 February 2013
SCOTT Sports will be present in the 2013 Enduro Races fielding a team full of prodigies from France.
Staying faithful to the strategy that created the success of our XC and DH teams for many years, SCOTT France has put together a crew of young guns to create a new Enduro team. Four young talents will be teamed up this season under the guidance of… a less young rider. At the beginning of a 2013 season that is set to put Enduro on the world stage, SCOTT France has hand-picked five riders from different locations and with different backgrounds who all have a common passion.
Théo Galy, a rider from the South of France, will embrace the leader role. Having taken third overall of the French Cup in 2011, and fourth in 2012 after having been victim of some mechanical issues, Théo has the talent and potential to land in the top rankings on the World Enduro Series, riding a new 27.5’’ bike he already loves. 
Anaïs Pajot, the last, but definitely not least, addition to the squad, has immediately integrated well within the team. Double Downhill World Champion in Junior, Anaïs won the French Cup after her first season in Enduro. Additionally, Anaïs will serve as the Contessa ambassador. 
Thomas Lapeyrie is a natural talent. Former XC, BMX racer, and 4Cross French Champion, the rider from the South of France is more than ready for success in Enduro. After only two Enduro races in 2012, including one podium, it is clear that he has what it takes. Thomas definitely brings a great atmosphere to the group.
Jordan Navarro may be a discrete guy off a bike, but he certainly makes his presence known on one. Jordan recently won the overall French Enduro cup in the Junior class last season.
William Balaud was one of the first riders on the Enduro scene in Europe, and sure is still riding with a lot of talent and energy. He will be present in the 2013 French and World cups, and will be a constant source of knowledge and experience for the team. 
This new Enduro team joins forces with the Genius 700 and the Genius LT. The riders will be the first athletes to use the new 27.5’’ wheels in races. With the help from Syncros wheels and Hutchinson tires, the team will also play a key role in development of new products. 
We look forward to what the team will bring in 2013.