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N1no wins in Retro Style

09 July 2018

Val di Sole, Italy, July 8th.

N1NO Schurter has won his 29th World Cup. In front of a huge crowd in Val di Sole, the Olympic Champion dominated the race from the first lap. However, at the end the 32 year old Swiss had to battle it out with local Gerhard Kerschbaumer. Like in the two previous years, N1NO attacked at the very same spot where he had decided races in 2016 and 2017 against Julien Absalon and Stephane Tempier.

N1NO Schurter now leads the Overall World Cup with 1130 pts ahead of Mathieu van der Poel (820 pts), who got 3rd today.

In World Cup racing, the eyes are on the Olympic and World Champion no matter what. Showing up with a 90ies-style Retro Spark in green and orange, a purple helmet and yellow shoes boosts that attention even further. The story of celebrating SCOTT Sports’ 60th anniversary with a special retro bike and kit to match was in many ways a successful one. Learn more below.

N1NO launched an early attack and gained a 25 second lead already in the 2nd lap. "That was a bit early to brake away and ride all the race on my own," N1NO said. "I focused on Mathieu van der Poel as I expected him to set the pace." The Dutch Road Champion won the Short track race two days earlier, everyone expected him to make a move. 

N1NO managed to distance Gerhard Kerschbaumer and Mathieu van der Poel for the most part of the race- until the last lap. Thanks to Italian Kerschbaumer’s ultra-loud Italian Tifosi, he closed the gap to N1NO in the very last climb to take the lead. But Kerschbaumer didn't seem to remember how and where N1NO won the last two years on exactly this course: on the very last spot an attack would be possible, just before entering the very last downhill section. N1NO did just that- exactly how he outsprinted Absalon and Tempier the past two years. We're already excited today about next year's strategies of N1NO's competitors.  

Andri Frischknecht had a tough start due to his 47th starting position. However, he managed to finish in a great 14th place: "It is kind of tough to start in the back however I fought my way towards the Top Ten and I am super happy with my result. It's all about a good regeneration now as the coming weekend in the high altitude of the Pyrenees will be again a hard challenge."

Making good progress, Matthas Stirnemann finished in 25th. He also started from far back in 67th position. "I am happy with that result, it's going in the right direction." Michiel van der Heijden finished in 52nd.

The SCOTT Spark RC 900 Worldcup Retro Special Edition

SCOTT is celebrating its 60th anniversary throughout the 2018 season. To celebrate this event, one of their most iconic athletes – Olympic and World Champion Nino Schurter - was given a Spark RC 900 World Cup Retro Special Edition to race at the World Cup in Val di Sole, Italy. Its funky green and orange design dates back to the 90’s and is a tribute to the very first Mountain bike which SCOTT created, the so-called “Pro Racing” from 1990.

Alongside with the Retro bike, Nino was given an entire head-to-toe Retro kit to match his look: A Centric Plus and Cadence helmet, RC SL shoes and gloves in the original look from 1988.

To get more information on our special retro bike and gear, visit the page: www.scott-sports.com/retro-story 

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