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ORICA-SCOTT’s Roster, Goals and Bike Set Ups for the Tour de France

29 June 2017

ORICA-SCOTT will support young climbers Simon Yates and Esteban Chaves at the three-week Tour, following their support of Adam Yates at the Giro d’Italia and ahead of a similar focus at the Vuelta a Espana later in the season.

“Nothing has changed all year with our focus,” sport director Matt White said. “We’ve had an interrupted program with Esteban’s knee injury and also a little with Simon following the change after Romandie but we are still going to the Tour de France fully supporting the pair for general classification rides.”

White and the management team have selected a versatile group to support Yates and Chaves. In total, the nine-rider group has an average age of 30 and 27 Tour de France appearances between them, with two debutants. “We have two guys to support and seven guys to do it,” White explained. “We have a very versatile team and in terms of depth for what we are trying to achieve at this year’s Tour, it’s as good as we have got.”

The road captain role will be shared between experienced Australian Mathew Hayman on the flatter stages and Czech Roman Kreuziger come the mountains. Joining Kreuziger with a crucial role in the mountains will be second debutant Damien Howson. Howson and Hayman are joined by Luke Durbridge as the three Australian representatives. The team is capped off with the versatility of South African Daryl Impey, Swiss Michael Albasini and Belgian Jens Keukeleire. The 2017 Tour de France runs from the 1st to the 23rd of July, starting in the German town of Dusseldorf and finishing with the traditional circuits on the Champs Elysees in Paris. The 21-day race features two time trials, nine flat stages, five medium and five mountain stages.

ORICA-SCOTT at the Tour de France (1st – 23rd July) :


  • Michael Albasini (SUI, 36) - 9th TDF appearance
  • Esteban Chaves (COL, 27) - debut
  • Luke Durbridge (AUS, 26) - 4th TDF appearance
  • Mathew Hayman (AUS, 39) - 3rd TDF appearance
  • Damien Howson (AUS, 24) - debut
  • Daryl Impey (RSA, 32) - 5th TDF appearance
  • Jens Keulekeire (BEL, 28) - 2nd TDF appearance
  • Roman Kreuziger (CZE, 31) - 8th TDF appearance
  • Simon Yates (GBR, 24) - 3rd TDF appearance


Orica-SCOTT Team Bikes

The team riders choose between the aerodynamic Foil RC and the ultralight Addict RC- both of which are among the lightest and stiffest road race bikes on the market. For Time Trails, the team rides the Plasma.


The Foil RC of ORICA-SCOTT is linked to SCOTT`s actual inline RC model. The pro rider`s bike is mainly specced with Syncros and Shimano parts. The RC design represents SCOTT`s Racing Concept, a 100% race-dedicated line which includes bikes, and head-to-toe gear.

One of Orica-SCOTT’s riders who will ride the Foil at the Tour de France will be Esteban Chaves. Known as one of the best climbers and GC riders in the peloton, some people are wondering why he, as a climber, optioned for the Foil. The reason is pretty simple as the weight limit of the UCI doesn’t allow bikes that weigh in at less than 6.8kg. With the Foil he is still able to have a bike of 6.8kg including Velon box, SRM power meter and start number, but also the incredible aerodynamics of this aero bike.


Check out how Chaves likes to have his Foil RC set up for the Tour de France


  • Frame set:          Foil RC XS
  • Saddle:              Syncros RR 1.0 narrow
  • Seatpost:            Syncros Foil (off set -5mm)
  • Stem:                Syncros Foil Aero 110m – 6°
  • Handlebar:          Syncros RR 1.5 40cm
  • Groupset:            Dura Ace 9150 with Sprinter Shifter
  • Pedals:               Dura Ace PD R9100
  • Bartape:             Syncros super light
  • Tires:                 Continental Competition 25mm tubulars
  • Wheels:              himano Dura Ace C 40
  • Powermeter:        SRM Shimano
  • Extra:                 Velon box
  • Seat height:        67.8 cm
  • Bar height:         50.1cm (hub axle to under bar)
  • Crank length:      170mm


The Technology of the Foil - Aerodynamic, Comfort, Integration

There is no doubt, the Foil RC is a pure race machine- fully equipped with all features that make this bike truly outstanding. Both the nicely integrated Shimano Di2 groupset and the one-of-a-kind seatpost construction are some of the best integrations a road bike can offer.

With a frame weight of 945g and a fork weight of 335g (size Medium, including small parts) SCOTT`s racing spearhead is one of the lightest Aero Bikes on the market. It took no time for the first Foil to gain a reputation for being extremely stiff and responsive with regards to power transfer and handling. In favor of our Pro riders and the customer base that prefers a stiff and responsive bike, the current Foil exhibits even higher stiffness values than its predecessor.

Aside from the visible design enhancements with regards to aerodynamics and integration, the riding comfort of the new Foil has been elevated noticeably and was proven by Mathew Hayman’s Paris Roubaix win in 2016.

Learn more about the Foil and all its benefits including all smart Syncros components solutions on our Tech page.

SCOTT Addict: Lightweight Legend

The Addict RC Di2 comes equipped with an HMX Carbon Fiber frame and fork that weigh in at just 790/300g. It is the prefered climbing bike for ORICA-SCOTT. With the addition of a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic drivetrain and a slew of other high-end Carbon components, the RC results in one strong, light and efficient racing machine and is the bike of choice of Simon Yates.

See here how Simon Yates likes to have his Addict RC set up for the Tour de France.


  • Frame set :         Addict RC small
  • Saddle :             Syncros FL 1.0 narrow
  • Seatpost :           Syncros FL 1.0 SL off set -25mm
  • Stem :               Syncros RR 1.5 Stem 110m – 17°
  • Handlebar :         Syncros RR 1.5 Handlebar 40cm
  • Groupset :          Dura Ace 9150 with Climber shifter
  • Pedals :             Dura Ace PD R9100
  • Bartape :           Syncros super light
  • Tires :               Continental Competition 25mm tubulars
  • Wheels :            Shimano Dura Ace C 40
  • Powermeter :     SRM Shimano
  • Extra :              Velon Box
  • Seat height :      69.8 cm
  • Bar height :       48.9cm (hub axle to under bar)
  • Crank length :    170mm

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